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The V-63 was similar to the 1922-23 Type 61, with the following exceptions:



Drive line:



1924 Cadillac

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1924 Cadillac Phaeton

There were no serial numbers used on the Cadillac V-63.

Engine numbers were stamped on the crankcase just back of the right hand bank of cylinders, and on a plate on the dash.

Starting: 63-A-1. Ending: 63-H-1550.


Style No.Body TypeSeatingPriceWeight
NA4-dr Touring7$30851945 kg
NA4-dr. Phaeton4$30851909 kg
NA2-dr. Roadster2/4$30851905 kg
54902-dr. Victoria4$32751991 kg
53802-dr. Coupe2$38751941 kg
52802-dr. Coupe5$39501986 kg
52704-dr. Sedan5$41502036 kg
52904-dr. Landau Sedan5$41502036 kg
54604-dr. Imperial Sedan5$44002091 kg
52604-dr. Suburban7$42502073 kg
53104-dr. Imp. Suburban7$45002109 kg
54704-dr. Sedan7$35852095 kg
53004-dr. Limousine7$46002109 kg
53704-dr. Twn. Brougham7$46002059 kg

Note: All Cadillac V-8's up to this time had been designated Type 51, Type 53, etc., through Type 61; with no -A, -B, etc. to designate the first or second year of a two year production run (57, 59, 61). For 1924-1925, the designation became V-63; not Type V-63, not Series V-63, just V-63. However, some Cadillac master parts books covering V-63 plus Type 59 and Type 61 do refer to Type 63. Further, these parts books refer to 63-A and 63-B in reference to early vs late or 1924 vs 1925 V-63 chassis as well as body differences.


Engine Type Ninety degree V-8. L-Head. Cast iron blocks of four on Aluminum crankcase.
Bore and Stroke 79.4mm x 130.2mm
Displacement 5.153 Liters
Brake Horsepower "over 80 horsepower"
S.A.E./N.A.C.C. H.P. 31.25.
Main bearings Three.
Valve lifters Rockers with roller cam follower acting on mechanical lifters
Carburetor float feed, auxiliary air control; manufactured by Cadillac under C. F. Johnson patents.


Item V-63 Special Chassis
Wheelbase 3353mm 3683mm
Front/Rear Tread 1422mm 1422mm
Tires 33 x 5 33 x 5


Transmission Selective sliding gear transmission. Case in unit with engine
Speeds 3 Forward and 1 Reverse
Controls Left drive, center control (right hand drive optional)
Clutch Multiple disc, dry plate clutch
Drive Shaft drive
Axle Spiral bevel, full floating rear axle
Overall ratio 4.50:1, 4.91:1
Brakes Mechanical brakes on four wheels
Wheels Wood artillery wheels, demountable rims, 12 spoke
Wheel size 23 in.
Optional Drive ratio 4.15:1


All nickel headlamps, radiator shell, and hubcaps -
Wire wheels -
Disc wheels -
Five balloon tires on disc wheels $140.00
Six balloon tires on disc wheels, plus double carrier for spares $215.00
Five balloon tires on wire wheels $225.00
Six balloon tires on wire wheels, plus double carrier for spares $315.00


1924 Cadillac Notes

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