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3 Signs You Need to Find a Mechanic Immediately

Is your car acting strange?

You might feel like putting vehicle problems off for another time. Ignoring regular maintenance risks further damaging your vehicle. You don’t want to let a small vehicle problem grow out of control.

There are warning signs of automobile problems you’ll want to watch out for. A mechanic will check your vehicle to find out exactly what is wrong.

80% of vehicles on the road need repair work. A well-maintained vehicle lasts longer, runs better, and needs less emergency work done.

A mechanic will inspect and fix any problem your vehicle is having. In this article, you’ll learn three signs you need to find a mechanic immediately.

1. Your Check Engine Light Appears

Many automobiles contain a sort of computer system within them. An internal vehicle computer connects to other parts of your vehicle. When trouble strikes your engine, you’ll see the check engine light appear.

The check engine light appearing doesn’t mean you need an emergency repair. It’s recommended you find a mechanic to figure out the severity of a check engine light.

If left untreated, a check engine begins blinking. A blinking check engine light often means an untreated problem is damaging your car.

A mechanic will use tools determine what is causing a check engine light to appear.

2. Find a Mechanic When Hearing Strange Vehicle Noises

Strange noises can come from almost anywhere in a vehicle. Hearing odd noises when driving is a sign a major problem is happening in your vehicle.

Grinding noises, especially when braking, likely means you need new brake rotors. Brakes that are too worn down will stop working entirely.

Loud popping noises when driving means a problem with an engine is occurring.

Not all sounds come from the engine area of a car. A grinding steering wheel leads to turning difficulty which is dangerous. A mechanic has heard many strange car noises.

You might be able to find a mechanic that specializes on your vehicle type. Someone driving an Outback may seek the help of a Subaru specialist.

3. Liquids Leaking out of Vehicle

Are you seeing stains under your vehicle? These stains are often a sign a leak is forming.

You’ll want to check which color of leaking liquid you have. A clear liquid is usually water from your air conditioner which isn’t a major concern.

Brown stains under your vehicle often mean it’s leaking oil. Your vehicle uses oil to run properly. Leaking oil is something you’ll want to have checked immediately.

Green liquid stains are a common sign of an antifreeze leak. Antifreeze helps keep your engine at the right temperature.

Certain liquid colors are harder to diagnose. Certain liquids stored in the vehicle changes color over time. It’s best to have a mechanic find out what is leaking to begin the proper repair.

Keeping your vehicle maintained is a wise decision. Automobile tune ups reduce the risk of emergency repairs in the future. Self-repairs using manuals takes time. Instead, take your vehicle in to the mechanic the moment you suspect an issue.