Why Do We Recommend Tradebit Repair Manuals?

repair manual diagram
Repair Manual Diagram

Here at Motor Era we support the classic and vintage car hobby with high quality information articles. We partnered with Tradebit for our auto repair manuals because they have a proven history with us and the car repair community. They offer good quality, reasonably priced online repair manuals.

When its time to start working on these valuable automobiles it’s hard to find factory service and repair information for these older and sometimes rare cars. This is where Tradebit shines. We’ve seen complete service manuals for vintage, classic and muscle cars not found on other sites. As an example, how many places carry the 1967 Fisher Body Service Manual for the Pontiac GTO, Tempest and LeMans?

If you want to learn more about PDF repair manuals watch the video demonstration below or visit the Tradebit frequently asked questions page. We wouldn’t recommend them if they didn’t have a strong and responsive customer service system. From the the support page you can fill out a trouble ticket or re-download a recent purchase.

Repair Manuals Demonstration Video

Check out their reviews below, and you’ll see why they are our number one choice for online car manuals.

Tradebit Reviews