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5 Awesome Truck Accessories Every Truck Owner Needs

Did you know that certain vehicles can go beyond the extra mile (sorry) and last you for more than 200,000 miles?

That’s right. And amongst the top contenders when it comes to longest-lasting automobiles are Japanese carmaker Toyota, followed by Honda.

Did you also know that for as little as $30, you can already buy a basic toolbox? A kit that contains the most important tools that’ll save you from headaches of staying stranded for hours, halfway through a truck adventure.

But there’s more to having awesome truck accessories on board (or bed) than their cost-saving benefits.

And that’s what we’re here to share with you today.

So, keep reading this list of six other truck essentials you should invest on ASAP to know more!

1. Bed Extender

When you first purchased your truck, you most likely only needed a short or regular bed. Over time though, your hauling requirements increased. You have two options (or so, you think):

A. You take the risk and overload

B. You take a couple of trips to and from your worksite

You should never overload your truck because it puts you (and other motorists) at a great safety risk. Carrying a load heavier than the truck’s capability can lead to your vehicle tipping over.

As for multiple trips, you know that it’ll cost you more in terms of gas money, not to mention put unnecessary miles on your truck.

Either way, these are the costly disadvantages of a truck bed too small for your needs.

So why not consider getting and installing a bed extender to your truck’s tailgate? With this accessory, you can up your ride’s hauling ante with a few more feet of carrying and loading space.

2. Spare Tailgate

Take note, however, that a bed extender puts greater wear and tear on the tailgate. After all, the extender will act as part of the bed itself. As such, you can expect the tailgate to wear down faster with the increased load it protects.

So, if you’re thinking of getting one of these popular truck accessories, buy a spare tailgate along with it. Also, prepare yourself to get tailgate replacements multiple times throughout your machine’s use.

3. Spray-In Bedliners

Whether or not you buy and install a bed extender, it’s best you apply a bedliner on it. Why?

Just think about how you strive hard to keep your truck’s interiors damage-free and smelling and looking good at all times. The same should go true for your truck bed.

Even though you can use your ride’s bed to carry and haul anything under the sun, from dirt to sand and luggage to groceries, you want to keep it as scratch-, dent-, and ding-free as possible. You also don’t want it to rust and corrode earlier than necessary, which can happen if you use the machine in every imaginable weather condition.

With a high-quality spray-in bedliner, such as those that Speed Liner offers, you can protect your truck’s metalwork from the above-mentioned damages. And as a bonus, you also get to enjoy higher skid resistance, which helps prevent cargo from veering left and right, or even overboard.

Note that bedliners come in other forms: the drop-in, bed rug, and bed mat versions. While the spray-in costs the most, it’s the best choice since you can rest assured you’ll get the most protection from rust. Unlike the other three, spray-in bedliners don’t allow contaminants (think dirt, debris, mud, etc.) and water to build up under it.

There’s also the benefit of getting better human foot traction as you stand in the bed to pack things up or clean it out.

4. Upgraded Toolbox

We mentioned above that a basic toolbox can cost you as little as 30 bucks. Of course, if you have a higher budget, then feel free to get a more complete kit. Essentially though, you’d want to make sure you always have the following tools in the box (which you should always have in your truck):

  • A bright-beaming flashlight (especially if you tend to work at night)
  • A pocket or utility knife
  • Breaker bar or cheater bar
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wheel brace
  • Vice-grip pliers
  • Tire pump

Most basic toolboxes can’t fit additional tools though, so it’s best you upgrade the toolbox itself. Get a heavy-duty one, preferably of lockable steel, so you can keep all these truck maintenance and repair essentials safe and secure. Also, take a closer look at products that you can attach securely to the bed itself.

Don’t forget to consider weather conditions too. If your truck gets a good deal of weather exposure, then so will the toolbox. In this case, a better choice is one that comes with aluminum and powder coating. Not only do they fare better in terms of security; they also have greater wear and tear resistance.

5. Cargo Security Accessories

When you first scouted out your truck, your primary intention was to use it for carrying and hauling around heavy loads. So, it’s a must that you have the accessories to do just that, and that means heavy-duty, durable tie-downs and hooks.

Yes, most trucks already come equipped with these essentials. That doesn’t mean they’re powerful and strong enough to keep heavier loads securely in place. So, to minimize chances of cargo damage, even loss, upgrade your cargo security accessories.

Before you opt for the cheaper rope tie-downs, consider how often you carry around extreme loads. If you do most of the time, consider investing your money in tie-downs and hooks equipped with ratchets. These are much more versatile and durable, not to mention more convenient since you don’t need to tie them.

Get These Awesome Truck Accessories Now

As you can see, there’s so much more you can do with your truck and your truck can do for you. With these awesome truck accessories, you’ll be many other truckers’ envy. More than that though, you’ll enjoy a much safer, better-performing machine that can last you for many years.

In need of other advice that will help you keep your ride a beauty and a high-performer? Then head over to our blog!