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The 9 Easiest Cars to Repair All by Yourself

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of car owner?

When learning to care for your automobile, it’s important that you also learn the ins-and-outs of what you can do for yourself.

Of course, there are plenty of car repair experts out there that will happily take your business. But you’ll save money and learn plenty about automobile maintenance when you handle your own repairs.

In this regard, it’s important to learn the easiest cars to repair so you can make a purchase that will also act as a teaching experience. When you’re looking to buy a vehicle that is easy to repair, consider these nine options.

1. Ford Crown Victoria

If you want a vehicle with parts that are easy to find, you can’t go wrong with this favorite. These vehicles are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain. In fact, this is why numerous police jurisdictions have used them for years in their fleet.

People find that they are able to get a lot out of this automobile’s performance. They feel they really get their money’s worth. People often drive Crown Victorias over hundreds of thousands of miles with little or no trouble.

You will be able to learn a lot about maintaining an automobile if you decide to purchase a Crown Victoria.

2. Honda Accord

Accords are among the easiest cars to repair because they’re effortless to maintain and incredibly reliable. The parts are inexpensive and you will have no problem finding them with a lot of different retailers.

Aside from the easy maintenance, these vehicles get great miles per gallon and handle the road like a dream. Since so many mechanics are familiar with repairing Honda Accords, you will have no problem learning from an expert and getting what you need out of this vehicle.

3. Chevy Cruze

People with the Chevy Cruze will let you know that its parts are some of the most easily accessible that you will find. The worst thing you would want is to pop the hood of a vehicle and see that the parts are not labeled clearly or are hard to reach.

With this automobile, it’s easy for you to access everything from the engine block to the coolant tank. The parts are also interchangeable with many other Chevrolet vehicles.

4. Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is a great vehicle because they drive well but are not complicated.

The computer system is responsive in letting you know when you have a specific problem. While other automobiles only light the check engine indicator and leave you with guesswork, today’s Corollas make the problem clear.

These vehicles are also inexpensive and offer incredible fuel economy. That’s a key reason why the Toyota Corolla is a great car to use for commuters.

5. Chevy Silverado

People love pickup trucks because they’re fun to ride, and many of them are easy to maintain. With the Silverado, you’ll be able to learn how to repair one of these trucks at your own pace.

Since this is a General Motors vehicle, you will have no problem finding these parts. The parts are inexpensive and easily accessible, whether you are purchasing your parts from a local retailer or an online shop.

6. Mercury Milan

These vehicles are no longer in production, but you can find a sweet deal on a used model. The Milan is an automobile that was produced by Ford, although it offers some upscale features.

Though it is a vehicle with a bit of luxury, it uses the same parts that you will find with a Ford Focus or Ford Fusion. This gives you the chance to find parts easily while enjoying the solid performance that comes with Ford automobiles.

7. Toyota Tacoma

These vehicles have been in production for a couple of decades and are some of the most trusted on the market. Everything is labeled and the fluid reservoirs are clear so you can easily see their levels.

The compartment is built logically so you have no problem figuring out which part you’re dealing with or what it does. The parts are simple to disconnect and install, making it easy for you to learn the ropes when handling repairs.

8. Ford F-150

This is another pickup truck that you will be happy to own because of its ease of maintenance. Not only do they come with great warranties and maintenance plans, you will also be able to repair it on your own.

Whether you are looking to work under the hood or learn how to fix your brakes, the F-150 is an automobile that will spark your inner mechanic.

9. Kia Optima

The beauty of Kia vehicles is that they are easy to maintain and are also inexpensive. The parts are cheap, and you will get great performance out of the vehicle when you take care of it regularly.

Since the risk is low, this is a vehicle you will want to cut your teeth on when learning to repair brakes, engines, transmissions and other important parts.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re shopping for a vehicle that will bring out the inner mechanic in you, grab a repair manual and check some YouTube tutorials. Then it’s time to get to work!

Final Thoughts on the Easiest Cars to Repair

If you plan to learn how to repair a vehicle, it’s important that you learn more than just the basics.

Understanding the easiest cars to repair is one thing, but you need to always hone your skills. Consider these tips and visit our site to learn more.