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Which Country Makes the Best Cars?

Are you out to find the best car you can possibly get your hands on? Car manufacturing takes place all around the world.

And lucky for us, all of these companies sell their vehicles worldwide. So here in the USA, we can find cars produced in many of these nations, giving us the freedom of choice when buying a vehicle.

But how do you know which country produces the best cars? And which car manufacturer should you buy from, knowing that a car will be one of your biggest purchases?

It’s a tough decision. But if you a looking for the highest quality vehicle, there are really only a few countries on the list that you need to be aware of. Keep reading to learn about the top car-producing countries.

Car Manufacturing in The US of A

There are a number of car manufacturers in the USA that most of us have grown accustomed to. If you are looking to stick with automobiles designed and manufactured here in the US, with American labor, you’re in luck.

General Motors, otherwise known as GM, is an automobile conglomerate that produces vehicles under other brand names. Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC are all American car brands owned by GM. These brands date back to the late 1800s, making them some of the most historically important car brands in the world today.

Other US manufacturers include Ford, Chrysler, RAM, Dodge, and Jeep. And don’t forget about Tesla.

One of the newest car manufacturers in the US, still less than 20 years old, Tesla is taking the United States by storm. With their all-electric vehicles that outperform almost any other vehicle on the market today, this company is one to watch.


There are a number of household names in the automobile industry that originate in Japan. Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, and Toyota all come to us from Japan.

In the US, these are some of the most popular car brands thanks to reliability, innovation, and affordability. In fact, many of these companies have manufacturing facilities here in the states to make it easier for us to enjoy these vehicles.

Subaru is one of the most sought-after Japanese car manufacturers here in the US. While not the most common on the streets, younger generations are eager to own a Subaru. Popular models such as the Outback and the Forrester are perfect for the adventurer, road tripper, and off-roader.


The Germans also know a thing or two about car manufacturing, with popular names like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, and Porsche. These are some of the most performance-driven, luxurious vehicles on the market today.

Volkswagen combines the engineering powerhouse of the country with affordability, making this one of the most popular car brands in the US. And when it comes to the most common luxury cars in the US, three German brands top list.

So if you are looking to drive around in a top-drawer vehicle, there’s a good chance you are supporting German car manufacturers.


Don’t forget about Korea. Alongside Japan, Korea leads the car manufacturing process in Asia with brands such as Hyundai and Kia. They make and ship cars all over the world, which is why we see plenty of them on the road in America, as well as every other place that we travel to.

Brands like Kia produce budget-friendly, compact cars that are most often driven by young drivers. And if you ever rent a car, there’s a good chance you’re going to drive a Kia.


Car enthusiasts around the world are familiar with companies based in Italy. This nation produces some of the top sports cars in the world.

With iconic brands like Ferrari, Fiat, Lamborghini, and Maserati, Italy has an obsession with speed, performance, and futuristic-looking vehicles.

Head to a car show anywhere in the US and you can be confident that the most popular vehicles on the lot are going to be from Italy. Everyone wants their chance to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini someday, but only a few ever do.

These cars aren’t cheap and they aren’t super common. If you own one, there’s a good chance you only drive it on special occasions. But if the stars align, you may get the opportunity to ride in one. You might just have to book a trip to Italy to make it happen, though.

Custom Cars

While the car manufacturing process can produce reliable, safe, and affordable vehicles, it doesn’t always produce the beautiful, unique, customized cars that made car enthusiasts are looking for.

If you are looking to drive a one-of-a-kind vehicle, you’re going to have to turn to auto shops that specialize in customizations. You can change nearly anything you want about your car, from the tires and the suspension to the seating and the stereo, there’s nothing you need to leave in stock form.

This gives you the chance of buying from a reputable car manufacturer but taking the design process into your own hands.

Nothing will alter the appearance of your car more than by choosing a custom paint color. Car companies play it safe by choosing bland, neutral colors for most of their vehicles.

But aftermarket auto shops that offer car painting services can help you paint your vehicle any color you can imagine. Painting a car is a serious endeavor that shouldn’t be attempted by the home enthusiast. Specialized techniques and equipment are needed, which is why these auto shops need to invest in paint booth cleaning services, as well.

So go ahead and choose an automobile manufacturer from this list to purchase a car from, but then head to your local body shop to turn your stock vehicle into a work of art.

Finding the Best Car for You

So which country makes the best cars? There’s no single answer. All of the countries listed above produce the most cars in the world, many of which date back over 100 years.

It really depends on what you are looking for when it comes to car manufacturing. Sports cars? Italy. Big, burly, powerful cars? The US. Budget-friendly, compact cars? Japan and Korea lead the way.

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