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5 Warning Signs That Your Car Battery Is Dying

Suspecting problems with your car battery?

Like your tires, your car battery is also subject to wear and tear. The average lifespan of a car battery is around six years. Over time, the components inside a car battery wear out and become less effective.

However, how do you know if you have a dying car battery? Read on and discover five warning signs:

1. The Engine is Slow to Start

A slow-starting engine is often a sign of a dying car battery. Observe if your engine turns on immediately or cranks for a while before working. If it’s the latter, your battery might already be faulty.

It happens because the engine draws power from the car battery each time it starts. If the battery is dying, it means there’s less power for the engine to take and start itself.

Another scenario is if you turn your key and the engine won’t start. If all you hear is a clicking sound after turning your key, it means the battery is completely drained.

2. Dim Headlights and Electrical Problems

You might notice that your headlights aren’t as bright as they should be. Sometimes, the headlights adjust brightness at random or won’t work at all.

Your headlights may be faulty and need replacements. Another reason is they’re not getting enough power from the car’s battery. Besides the headlights, other electrical problems point to a dying car battery.

Observe the dashboard lights, radio, wipers, and power window controls. All these are electrical components that rely on the battery. If they’re also acting up, it means you need car battery repair.

3. The Battery Dashboard Light Turns On

Most modern cars come with sensors for all the important car components. It includes the key parts of the electrical system, including the car battery.

If the car detects a problem with the battery, the light will turn on, telling you that it’s time for a car battery replacement. When any dashboard indicator lights come on, take the car to a mechanic. If you’re looking for a car repair service, check out

4. Corrosion in the Battery’s Connections

Check if your car battery has corroded terminals. If they are, you’ll see an ashy, powdery substance around the connections. It’s another telltale sign that your car battery is dying.

5. Bad Smells

Another warning sign of a dying car battery is bad odors. You might notice sulfur or rotten egg-like odor coming from the hood. It’s a result of a battery leak due to old age, damage, or internal short-circuit.

Take the car to a repair shop as soon as you smell these odors.

Extend Your Car Battery’s Life With Regular Car Maintenance

Your car battery wears out over time. If your battery is dying, use these signs to determine whether you need car battery repair or replacement. Watch out for a slow-starting engine, electrical problems, or a foul smell.

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