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5 Tips for Infiniti Truck Service Repair

Ever wondered how to escape the money trap of luxury car repairs? The high-end vehicles have a bad reputation for high service costs that don’t reflect well on their already high prices.

That’s not always the case. Some luxury vehicles actually represent both class and affordability. Infiniti’s truck lineup offers best-in-class vehicles that only see a modest 25-30 percent increase in repair costs when compared to Toyota or Honda.

What’s more, those with a little extra know-how can save even more when their truck breaks down. There’s no reason to sweat Infinity repairs.

To help prepare for any truck breakdown, here are the 5 best Infiniti truck repair tips that help save money and get vehicles back on the road.

Check the Belts

Infiniti trucks are susceptible to drive belt failure, more so than other truck brands. Though this doesn’t mean there’s aren’t any preventive measures. Common convention says to check the belts during every oil change.

However, sometimes belts wear out in-between oil changes. Engine heat and grime eventually wear out the drive belt, even in the best-maintained vehicles.

Listen for squealing or squeaking sounds when driving the car or after starting the engine. Insufficient battery charge is another indicator of a bad drive belt. A bad belt won’t power the alternator, which in turn won’t charge the battery.

Fixing the drive belt is often best left to the pros, but with a little help, it is possible to change a belt at home.

Removing the belt is as simple as opening the hood and removing it from its assembly. However, before removing any drive belt, always make a detailed sketch of the complete assembly.

Without the sketch, the chances of replacing the belt in a reasonable amount of time are slim to none.

Battery Issues

After discussing battery issues due to bad belts it only seems natural to talk about dead batteries in the next section. While burnt out belts can cause battery problems, so can a multitude of other problems.

Commonly, old batteries lose their charge, just like any other battery. The simple fix here is simply replacing the battery.

However, serious issues like alternator problems can also cause a dead battery. Even with working belts sometimes the alternator goes bad, and a bad alternator means no charge.

When dealing with something like a bad alternator, there’s no alternative besides buying a new battery, unless you catch the problem in time.

Batteries that aren’t in use can charge on what’s known as a trickle charger, which slowly keeps the battery ions moving enough to slow down degradation.

Grinding = Brakes

Every vehicle goes through brakes, and the Infiniti truck is no exception. It’s not a knock against the brand, but rather a simple fact of car ownership. And like drive belts, it’s important to practice preventative maintenance.

Any grinding noise coming from around the front or rear wheel wells is almost certainly wearing brake pads. Luckily, brake pads themselves aren’t too difficult to replace

However, once the pads wear, the rotors are next, and rotors cost significantly more to replace than brake pads.

Always make time to jack up the truck at the first sign of grinding. Pads have wear indicators that grind before they’re too low to cause damage to the rotors.

Changing the brake pads is as easy as jacking the truck up, removing the wheels, and removing the pads. The new pads clip into place, the wheels go on, and it’s ready to drive.

Clunks and What They Mean

Keep a keen ear out because Infiniti trucks often develop ball joint issues. A subtle clunking or clicking noise from the front or back end of the truck spells trouble, usually in the form of bad ball joints.

Ball joints connect the truck’s suspension to the steering knuckles and the knuckles to the control arms. Essentially, a ball and sockets enable the truck to turn and the suspension to absorb impact.

Bad ball joints mean losing the suspension, uneven tire wear, and at worse a total loss of steering while driving.

Changing the joints means jacking up the truck, removing the wheels, control arms, and then finally the ball joints.

Replace each ball and check the joint itself for uneven wear, cracks, or other damage. Then replace the ball, lube it up, and reassemble the control arms.

Like anything else, making a diagram is useful to remember how the parts fit back together.

Oil on a Schedule

Like ever truck needs brakes, every truck also needs oil. Regular oil changes are a major component to keeping a truck on the road for longer, with fewer repairs.

Oil keeps the engine lubricated so that its parts move smoothly. If the truck burns oil or the oil simply evaporates over time, it’s at risk for what’s commonly known as an engine “seizing.”

Proper oil maintenance isn’t difficult. Check the manual for oil change specifics, but 3000-5000 miles is the general rule of thumb.

It’s also recommended to use higher-quality oil than normal on an Infiniti truck. The better quality oil, the longer the engine will run without repairs.

At Home Infiniti Truck Service Repairs

Repairing an Infiniti truck at home means understanding the ins and outs of Infiniti truck service repair. Understanding the above common problems goes a long way in catching issues before they arise.

Though if issues do arise, there’s always help. We maintain an expansive database of common vehicle repair instructions to help you get through any at home repair.

What’s more, most repairs aren’t as complicated as they seem. Anyone with a little DIY experience can handle most at-home auto repairs. All it takes is a little understanding and a helpful hand from someone who knows that ropes.