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The 5 Most Anticipated New Cars Of 2018

With new technological advances in the auto industry, it should come as no surprise to learn that Ford is now testing its new line of self-driving cars in Miami. Hold up – self-driving cars? What does that mean for other new cars of 2018?

Well, some new cars of 2018 are putting an end to stops at the gas station. Cars like the Tesla Model 3, for instance, are all-electric and environmentally friendly.

This will come as good news for you if want to save the environment and ride in style at the same time.

Here are the five most anticipated new cars of 2018.

1. The Swiss VW Caddy WASP

Small, but powerful.

The Swiss VW Caddy WASP contains lots of places for you to store your things. Its similar to the Volkswagen Golf, but with more cupholders and easy parking.

The Swiss VW Caddy WASP Launch contains four different lease options.

You can also look into various fitting options, which include rear skirts and soundproofing.

2. The Tesla Model 3

Looking for a car that could potentially make the world a better place? The Tesla Model 3 is all-electric but affordable.

It can travel up to 310 miles per gallon and seats five adults.

You can also opt for one of three warranty options, varying between four to eight years.

3. The Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is every parent’s dream.

The four-door vehicle has second-row sliding seats – perfect for packing away your child’s game gear after sports practice.

The seats slide in four different ways, making entering and exiting more accessible for those who sit in the back.

Parents will also be delighted by CabinWatch, a new feature that allows adults in the front seats to keep an eye on those in the back of the car.

4. The Tesla Model S

An upgrade from previous models, the new Tesla Model S offers more mileage, acceleration, and fitting options.

Like the Tesla Model 3, this car is all-electric and features unlimited free supercharging.

You can have the Tesla Model S delivered to you within seven days of ordering.

It seats five adults and two children by using rear-facing seats.

Being an all-wheel-drive vehicle, the resale value is relatively high.

5. Toyota Supra

Making its debut at an auto show in Geneva, the Toyota Supra will rock the boat this year with its innovations in architecture.

The car features a BMW-style engine and will be slightly less expensive than old designs.

In less than four seconds, this vehicle can go up to 62 miles per hour.

Considering Toyota’s past vehicle progressions, it is likely that this one will be a hit as well.

New Cars of 2018: Where to Look for Repairs

No one wants their brand new car to malfunction, but it happens.

Be prepared and know where to look for correct repair guidelines.

If you end up buying the Toyota Supra, a good place to start is reading this Toyota service repair manual.

Motor Era features repair manuals for a wide variety of vehicles from across the industry.

Read more on their website so you don’t have to pays loads out-of-pocket on car repairs.