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The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Material

You’ve just bought a new car.

But you aren’t 100% sold on how it looks. After all, you want your ride to represent you and your personality! And at the moment it’s a little drab.

For you and millions of others, customization is on the cards.

Quoted in this NBC news article, Pietro Gorlier (CEO of Mopar) claims 49% of customers intend to customize their vehicle when they buy it and 11% more aim to do so at a later date.

Vinyl wrap is one relatively inexpensive way to do it. But there are other benefits of vehicle wrap material, as well as some drawbacks.

Keep reading to find out all the pros and cons of using a vinyl wrap for your vehicle.

What is Vinyl Vehicle Wrap?

First, a definition.

Essentially, it’s a thin adhesive film that’s layered on top of your vehicle’s paintwork.

The film is available in all shapes, colors, sizes, styles, and finishes. It can come with photos, images, logos, and writing and can be applied to individual sections, or the entirety, of the vehicle.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Material

On to the benefits and costs.

Pros of Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

First, the benefits.

You Can Customise Your Vehicle

Customization is a primary reason for (and benefit of) using vehicle wraps.

It’s relatively straightforward to do and shouldn’t impact the paintwork. This means it won’t affect your warranty and you can simply peel the vinyl off if you ever want to get rid of the vehicle.

It’s Cheaper and Quicker than Paint

Compared to painting your car, vinyl wrap is cost effective and quick to do. And if you get it done by professionals you won’t sacrifice on quality either.

It Protects the Paintwork

Stones and debris often get kicked up from the road while driving.

Applying a transparent film to the front of your car is a great way to protect the paintwork underneath.

It Gives You Business Exposure

Vinyl car wrap is a great way to promote your business.

Indeed, according to a study by ARD Ventures, wraps reach between 30 to 70 thousand people every single day and outperform both radio and billboards.

Cons of Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

Now onto the negatives.

It Can Be Expensive

Prices vary depending on the size of your vehicle and it’s true that it costs less than a paint job.

But that doesn’t make it cheap.

If you’re wrapping a vehicle for business purposes be sure to assess the potential ROI. How busy is your area? How often do you need to drive? And so on.

It Requires a Pro

For the best vinyl wrap work, you need to hire a professional.

You get what you pay for and cheaper jobs can have negative effects. The vinyl can fade over time or, worse, damage the paintwork on removal.

Your Business is Under Scrutiny

As we’ve seen, wraps are great for advertising your business.

But you’re also under scrutiny the whole time, making bad driving a big problem. Make sure anyone driving your wrapped vehicle sticks to the rules of the road.

Time to Wrap Up (…Get it?)

Bad puns aside, vinyl vehicle wrap material is a popular method of customizing a vehicle.

And whether you do it for personal or business reasons, there are a bunch of benefits. It’s cost-effective, protects your paintwork, helps personalize your car and can even promote your business better than billboards and radio.

However, it’s important to get a professional to do the work. And businesses should also assess the potential ROI and drive sensibly too.

Time to hear from you! Are you thinking of wrapping your vehicle? What’s the main reason you want to do so?

Let us know in the comments.