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The average motorcycle repair bill isn’t cheap. Bills easily range into the hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars. Specialized mechanics make sure that prices skyrocket, even for simple fixes.

Repairs are almost guaranteed without proper maintenance, which on its own costs a pretty penny. The average motorcycle maintenance schedule easily costs upwards of $1000 per year.

Though it’s that maintenance that’ll make up most of the “repair” bills. What seems like repairs for most vehicles owners are just known as routine maintenance for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Especially when the bike in question qualifies as luxury, like every Benelli bike on the road. Benelli repairs and maintenance racks up a costly bill.

That’s why it’s so important for Benelli owners to understand the ins and outs of DIY motorcycle fixes. Cutting out the dealer or third-party mechanic can save enormously on yearly costs.


Motorcycle tires wear out very quickly. Proper maintenance means replacing them every 3,000 to 11,000 miles. Most people commuting easily exceed those miles in less than a year. And hard riding with quicker speeds means replacing tires even more often.

As mentioned above, Benelli repairs aren’t cheap, and tires are no exception. Expect to pay upwards of $300 for each tire change. Depending on driving habits, that’s a potential for $1,200 per year.

Luckily, tires are an easy DIY repair. Changing them at home always saves money. Here’s how.

DIY Tires

First, jack the bike up. Use bike jacks, jack stands, a pulley system from the rafters — it really doesn’t matter so long as the bike’s stable and off the ground.

Next, loosen the chain adjusters, take the chain off the sprocket, and slide out the axle. Sometimes the axle sticks, so feel free to use some force. The wheel spacers come off next.

Now remove the brake system. Careful with the calipers and brake lines. Don’t ever let brake lines dangle freely. That’s a recipe for broken hoses.

It’s finally time to take off the wheel. At this point, it should fall right off. Now comes the hard part.

Pry the tire off the wheel using a tire spoon. While other tools can work, a tire spoon prevents a warped axle. Tire grease can really help loosen up sticky tires.

Now for the final step. First, read the directional arrows on the new tire. Do not mount it backward and create more work.

Lube the tire up and get it started over the rim. Make sure the beads are in the drop-center of the tire. Also be sure to line up the heaviest part of the tire with the balancing mark (marked on the rim).

Once the tire’s on, it’s time to seat the beads. Most beads seat themselves after inflation with an air compressor. It’s the easiest, and safest way to get the job done.

Some people balance the tire, but it’s not mandatory. To finish up, just put the wheel back on the bike using the removal process in reverse.

Oil Changes

This is more preventative maintenance. Changing the oil ensures larger problems don’t occur down the line. Oil changes are an especially important part of Benelli repairs because of the high cost of replacement parts.

Motorcycles use oil to not only lubricate the engine, but also the transmission and clutch. Benelli transmissions and clutches aren’t cheap, and repairs aren’t simple. You may want to leave those repairs to the professionals.

Oil Change DIY

Luckily, it’s much easier to change a motorcycle’s oil than it is to change a tire. This quick “repair” doesn’t take nearly as long and isn’t nearly as labor intensive.

First, run the motorcycle to get the oil warm. Warm oil means flowing oil, making the drainage portion of the repair that much easier. Next, look through the service manual to find the drainage nut.

Put an oil pan under the drainage nut and let the oil drain. While it’s draining, check the nut for stripped threads or other grime. Clean any dirt off, and replace it completely in the case of stripped threads.

Refer again to the service manual to find the oil filter. Unscrew the filter and drain any remaining oil into the pan.

Next, install the new filter. Make sure to clean the bike’s filter seal before replacing the filter.

Finally, fill the bike’s tank with new oil. Always make sure to replace the oil reservoir nut first!

Check the service manual for the correct type of oil, and make sure not to overfill the tank. Run the bike to cycle the new oil and check the final level.

This DIY tip should save you around $25-$30 dollars per oil change. And with changes recommended every 2,000 miles, the savings add up.

Changing the Brake Pads

Motorcycle brakes wear out over time, and even quicker with hard riding. Brake pads are always the first thing to go, and also a costly repair at the shop. Because motorcycle brakes are “specialized” repairs, the typical brake job costs extra.

And expect even more up-charge for Benelli repairs. The good things in life aren’t free.

DIY Brakes

Brake pad repairs fall somewhere on the intermediate scale of motorcycle repairs. They’re not the most difficult, but certainly not the easiest. Though they’re nothing a DIY mechanic can’t handle.

First, start by following the initial wheel removal instructions above until it’s down to the calipers. Now, remove the calipers from the forks. Again, don’t let them hang freely!

Next, look for a pin holding the pads inside the calipers. Refer to the owner’s manual if the pin isn’t easy to find. The pads should fall out freely when the pin is removed.

The process is similar for the front and back brakes, with the difference being the back brakes hold in place through the caliper mounting bracket, rather than the caliper itself. Note: This isn’t always the case, so check your service manual.

Swapping in the new pads is as easy as removing the old ones. Just follow the removal steps in reverse order, and then reassemble the wheel.

Just make sure to test out the brakes before taking the bike on the road. Pumping them up makes sure there are no brake line leaks.

Benelli Repairs at Home

If you’re looking to save some money and take care of your Benelli repairs at home, check out our website. We offer complete repair manuals for Benelli motorcycles.