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Same as the 1909 model except for changes in the bodies, chassis, driveline, and engine. Also the basic price was increased to $1600.

1910 Cadillac

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1910 Cadillac Touring



Drive line:



1910 Cadillac

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1910 Cadillac Model Thirty

The serial numbers were on the plate on the rear of the body or on the dash (with engine number).

Engine numbers were stamped on the top surface of the crankcase -- in front of and to the left of the number one (front) cylinder.

Starting: 40001. Ending: 48008.


Model No. Doors Body Type Seating Price
Model 30 2 Touring 5 $1600
Model 30 2 Demi-Tonneau 4 $1600
Model 30 - Roadster 2 $1600
Model 30 - Roadster 3 $1600
Model 30 2 Limousine 7 $3000
Model 30 2 Coupe 3 $2200


1910 Cadillac

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1910 Cadillac Roadster

Description Vertical, in-line, L-head.
Cylinders Four
Cylinder type Individual cast iron cylinder, copper water jacket
Bore & Stroke 108mm x 114.3mm
Displacement 4.186 Liters
Horsepower Brake H.P.: 33. A.L.A.M. H.P.: 28.9
Main bearings Five
Valve lifters Mechanical push rod roller cam followers
Carburetor Float feed -- made by Cadillac


Model Wheelbase Front/Rear Tread Tires
All except Limousine 2794mm 1422mm; Optional 1549mm 34 x 4
Limousine 3048mm 1422mm 34 x 4.5


Transmission Selective, sliding gear transmission
Gears 3 Forward and 1 Reverse
Steering position Right hand drive, controls to the right
Clutch Leather faced cone clutch
Drive Shaft drive
Differential Live, bevel drive; bevel gear differential; ABB plain/Timken semi-floating
Overall ratio 3.5:1 (Limo 4:1)
Brakes Mechanical brakes on two wheels. Service/foot/contracting -- emergency/lever/expanding
Wheels Wood artillery wheels, 10 & 12 spoke, quick detachable rims
Wheel size 26 in. (Limo 25 in.)
Optional Final drive ratios 3:1, 4:1


Seat covers $40.00-60.00
"Rubber" or mohair tops $55.00-95.00
Prest-o-lite style B tank $25.00
Windshield $30.00
Jones speedometer No. 29, 33, 34 $25.00-35.00
Foot rail $3.50


1910 Cadillac

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1910 Cadillac Runabout

1910 Cadillac Notes

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