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5 Common Signs That Its Time to Get Your Vehicle Detailed

Did you know that most people keep their cars for 11.9 years? With a long-term relationship like that, it’s important that you are doing all that you can to keep your car running smoothly. 

Taking your car for a spin at the car wash is one way to keep it looking clean, but getting your vehicle detailed goes beyond the surface grime. 

When you get your car detailed, you are getting a thorough and professional cleaning of both the inside and outside of your vehicle, making it smell and run like the day you drove it off the lot. 

So how do you know when it’s time for a deep car scrub? Read on for five signs that it is time for you to get your vehicle detailed.

1. You Have a Dirty Car Exterior 

Every time you get in your car, you are subjecting it to dirt, salt, and other harsh elements found in the great outdoors. This debris can wear on your vehicle causing the exterior paint to corrode and age more quickly if it is not taken care of. 

It’s not only weather that can do a number on your car. Bugs, sap from parking under trees, and bird droppings can also cause your vehicle to age faster than it should.

When you get your vehicle detailed, the first step is often a very good washing of the outside of the car. Detailing technicians clean all the parts found outside and under the car, from the brakes to the door jambs, for a thorough clean. 

Once the exterior is scrubbed, the technician will apply a sealant to the car. This added layer of protection shields the outside of your car from things like harmful UV rays and keeps it looking newer, and cleaner, longer.

2. You Have a Dirty Car Interior 

As you get into your car, if you notice snack crumbs on the floor, dog hair on the seats, and stickers covering the windows, it may be time for your vehicle to get detailed. 

As any parent or pet owner knows, it can feel like a losing battle keeping a car clean when kids and pets are in and out of it so often. By getting your vehicle detailed, you’ll have an easier time keeping on top of the grime that is tracked in by your loved ones. 

With their many different packages and add on options, auto experts like Royal Auto Finishers will give you the best car detailing experience to get your interior sparkling again. 

When you get the inside of your vehicle detailed, all of the larger debris is vacuumed and cleaned up. If you have carpets or fabric in your car, these surfaces are shampooed to remove any stubborn stains. Finally, all other internal car surfaces are sanitized and shined so that they gleam. 

3. You Have an Engine that Squeaks 

If you start up your car and notice any unexpected noises coming from under the hood, it may be time to take your car in for a full car detailing. 

When you get your vehicle professionally detailed, you can include the engine in the clean. Detailing technicians fully wash and degrease your car’s engine to have it looking and running like new.

When you have an engine that is free from dirt, it is easier to find the source of any odd sounds or leaks that it may be producing. This will save you money in the long run as a clean engine is easier and more efficient to work on should it need any time in the shop. 

Engine detailing can also be useful if you’ve had some unwelcome guests living in your engine or if you want to keep your engine in tip top shape. 

4. You Have Exterior Paint That Is Scratched 

It’s not just dirt that an auto detailing will resolve, car paint can be touched up too. Over the course of a car’s life, the exterior paint can scratch from all sorts of everyday mishaps. 

Most modern day cars are made with paint that comes in two layers. There is a bottom pigmented layer that deposits color and a clear topcoat that protects the paint from the elements it encounters on a day to day basis. 

Scratches in this clear top coat can happen because of anything from using the wrong type of sponge to wash your car to parking lot mishaps. Despite the reason, most people would rather the scratches were not there. 

The mechanics that detail your car have the tools and machines needed to remedy unsightly scratches made to the body of your car. 

5. It’s Been a Long Time Since Your Last Detail 

You may be asking yourself when should I get my vehicle detailed? Time could be your best answer to that question! 

In order to keep your car running at its peak, it’s recommended that you get your car detailed every four to six months. You spent a lot of money on your car! Getting it in for a regular vehicle detail will allow you to keep your car around for as long as you can. 

There’s No Time Like the Present to Get Your Vehicle Detailed  

A filthy car isn’t the only reason you’d want to take your car in for a detail. 

Getting your vehicle detailed is more than a cosmetic face lift for your car. Vehicle detailing keeps your car running smoothly for years to come. 

After your car gets a thorough clean, you’ll drive away feeling as if you own a brand new car again.