Guide to Tesla Paint Colors
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What Color Tesla Should I Get?: A Guide to Tesla Paint Colors

In the first 8 months of 2021, Tesla sold over 473,136 electric cars. If you’re a car fanatic looking to finally purchase your own Tesla model in 2022, there are a few features you’ll have to make some decisions on.

After you choose which Tesla model you want, the next step is choosing the paint color. From the Tesla Model 3 to the Tesla Model Y, the famed electric cars come in five color finishes.

Keep reading for our breakdown on Tesla paint colors to help you choose what shade to pair with your sweet new ride!

Midnight Silver Metallic

If you’re looking for the most popular paint color for Tesla, look no further than midnight silver metallic. The darker shade matches perfectly with Tesla’s chrome features and gives off a subtle, but classy look.

For the serious, unfussy elegant car owner, midnight silver metallic is a great option. Midnight silver’s popularity means a midnight silver Tesla model is less likely to get discounted in the future. This means your Tesla in this color is likely to retain its value over time, which is great news if you ever plan to sell your vehicle.

Deep Blue Metallic

Another metallic option with a bit more color is a deep blue metallic finish for your Tesla. Deep blue is a calming, cool, trusty shade perfect for anyone with a love of the open sky and sea.

Though not as popular a shade with luxury car buyers, deep blue metallic is a choice guaranteed to make you stand out amongst the other Teslas on the road. If blue is your hue, it’ll just cost you an extra $1,000. This price is the same as the price for a coat of silver or black.

Red Multi-Coat

Ready to feel like a powerful pro racer on the road? For an additional $2,000, you can have your perfect shade: red multi-coat. When the color red can make you feel more confident and energized on the road, what better color is there for your electric Tesla vehicle?

Tesla uses EPA-approved waterborne paint, but their vehicles are still susceptible to standard wear and tear. Lengthen the life of your Tesla’s exterior with Tesla paint protection film and keep your color vibrant!

Pearl White Multi-Coat & Solid Black

For the final two Tesla model 3 colors, we have pearl white multi-coat and solid black. Pearl white is the standard, default Tesla color that won’t cost you extra. But pearl white is known to be a popular color when re-selling vehicles. Pearl white is perfect for the peaceful soul that leads with light.

As for solid black, that will run you an extra $1,000 like most of the other choices. It’s perfect for the driver who appreciates a formal, classic look. You’ll always look stylish in black!

Either of these shades is sure to complement the interior of your Tesla, as the only choices there are black and white. Black is the more popular interior option (likely for its stain-hiding abilities.) But white can take your Tesla to a whole new level of futuristic shine.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Tesla Paint Colors

Tesla narrowed down its options to these five Tesla paint colors for a reason. These shades are appealing to a wide range of buyers while offering enough variety to make each color feel unique to the individual. There’s no true best color for a Tesla, so you should choose a shade based on your personality, preferences, or budget.

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