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Three Tips for Tire Recycling

Do you have old tires sitting around the house? Instinct might tell you to throw them in the garbage. Don’t do it. 

Tires can end up in a landfill and stack up over time. Chemicals in tires can contaminate local waterways and kill fish. This can happen when people throw their old tires on the road. 

These aren’t the best ways to dispose of tires. It’s best to consider tire recycling. 

Want to learn how to properly recycle tires? Read on to learn three tips to recycle them the right way. 

1. Take Your Tires to an Auto Shop

Tires are built to last. It’s the reason why tires take a lot of time to degrade. This is why you should recycle tires. 

An option is to take them to an auto shop. Most auto shops will accept old tires. Some might charge you a small fee to recycle them.

If you buy new tires from an auto shop, the shop will take your old ones. If the tires are in good condition, an auto shop might give you credit toward buying the new set of tires. 

Don’t worry, the tires will not be disposed of improperly. Tire recycling companies visit auto shops to pick up the tires. 

2. Find Creative Ways to Recycle Tires

There are DIY ways to recycle tires. It might take a little creativity, but it can be done. 

Do you have children? You can reuse a tire as a tire swing. Paint it and hang it on one of your trees in the backyard. 

You can reuse tires as planters. All you have to do is buy soil and seeds and place them inside the tire you set on your garden. 

You can turn them into sandboxes for your children. You can even place tires next to the sandboxes for the children to sit on. 

3. Take the Tires to a Tire Recycling Center 

You can take your old tires to a recycling center. Tire recycling centers have the proper equipment to shred them. A tire shredder can cut them into a range of sizes. 

This is a better option than taking tires to a landfill. A tire shredder can turn tires into scraps.

Tire scraps have different uses. Tire scraps can end up as asphalt. You might be driving on rubber-modified asphalt and not even know it. 

These scraps can even be used to make new shoes. You can even find the scraps on playground surfaces. 

It’s better to recycle tires than to throw them in the garbage. About 40% of tires are recycled each year. This percentage should go up. 

Use These Three Tips for Tire Recycling 

Tire recycling is the best option. Now you know what you can do with them. You also know where to recycle tires. 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be recycling tires. Do your part to protect the environment and reduce waste. 

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