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The Best and Worst of Buick

A Buick is a classic car choice that’s been on the market for over 100 years.

If you’re looking to buy a Buick, you may be tossing around the pros and cons. Plus, even if you want a Buick, it can be difficult to decide which model is the best.

To help you make the best decision, here are all the pros and cons of the latest Buick models. 

Buick Encore 

The Buick Encore offers a turbocharged four-cylinder that delivers 138 hp and a touch more torque for a pretty affordable price. The Buick Encore also has a nice interior design and decent maneuverability. 

The Buick Encore cons are the lack of cargo space, and though it’s affordable, it can quickly increase in price.

Buick Envision 

If you’re looking for a compact crossover, the Buick Envision may be a good choice. The SUV has two engine options, plus a front-or-all-wheel drive choice.

It provides a comfy ride with a 2.5-liter naturally-aspirated four-pot engine. The car also provides a turbo power feature. Because of its size, the Buick Envision will cost you a little more than the Buick Encore, with a price tag around $34,384-$45,000. 

The biggest drawback is the interior design. 

Buick Encore GX

The Buick Encore GX is like the standard Buick Encore but offers a bigger and better version. The extra size provides an ample interior, with plenty of storage and cargo space. 

The Buick Encore GX has a pair of turbocharged triple-cylinder options, in 1.2-liter and 1.3-liter sizes. If you choose an all-wheel drive, you’ll get a great nine-speed automatic. 

Not surprisingly, the Buick Encore GX will cost you more than the standard Buick Encore. The price tag runs between $26,000-$32,000. 

Buick Enclave 

Since it hit the road, the Buick Enclave has received mixed reviews. One of the advantages of the Buick Enclave is its usable row, big cargo space, high safety ratings, and stylish appearance. 

But, it’s had a check few engine light issues among consumers and isn’t able to drive off-road. The standard version also doesn’t come with a collision warning or emergency braking. 

However, it’s still a decent car with a luxurious ambiance and quality interior. 

Generally, the Buick Enclave has a price tag of over $40,000. 

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Now You Know the Best and Worst Buicks 

These are all the best and worst of the most recent Buicks. Depending on your preferences, some of these options will be better than others. Though Buicks are generally very reliable cars, there are a few drawbacks for certain models. 

If you’re unsure about your choice, you can always visit a dealership and test drive the Buick you’re considering. This can help you make a better and more informed decision. 

So, why keep procrastinating? Check out a Buick today! 

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