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How to Choose the Best RV Parks in the United States to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Traveling in an RV is a timeless tradition enjoyed by many—digital nomads, young singles, retired couples, whole families, and more. 

Now more than ever, there’s a certain appeal to visiting RV parks. It’s a chance to reconnect with nature, enjoy the fresh air, see the world, and have a great time. Many people can make money on the road, too, supporting their lifestyle while taking them out of the office.

As you plan your trip, you’ll probably notice there’s no lack of RV parks in the US. In fact, America alone is home to 4,513 parks and campgrounds. Are all the options becoming less exciting and more overwhelming?

We’re here to make this part of planning easier. Below, we talk about some of the US’s best choices—from expansive landscapes and interesting wildlife to simple sites and extravagant views. Here’s what to look for when you’re choosing where to park it!

First, Know Your ‘Needs’

Knowing what you expect from your trip is the best way to inform your decision-making process. 

For example, you might be someone who’s excited to relax in style, or “glamp,” at an RV resort. Or, you might be someone who enjoys the more primal aspect of camping and is looking for nature, fewer amenities, and rugged terrain.

It’s best to ask yourself these questions as you plan your trip. Research RV parks with your answers in mind. Here are a few examples to consider:

  • How long are you planning to stay?
  • How large is your RV?
  • What amenities do you want/need?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What’s your plan for the area you’re visiting?
  • Do you need proximity to activities or businesses?

These questions are important for various reasons.

For one, a specific RV park might allow long-time visitors (think: months at a time) or may limit trip times to weekends. There might be a more present, on-site employee—or no person in sight. The RV sites might be tiny and not able to accommodate a big rig, or sites might be more expansive and spaced out.

Amenities matter for various reasons. If you’re planning to stay for an extended time, you’d probably enjoy perks like WiFi (especially if you’re a remote worker), a bathroom with a shower, a trash pick-up, a water connection, etc. Shorter stays can have you making do with less.

Finally, you’ll want to consider what you hope to do while staying.

Do you need access to trails, horseback riding, swimming, mountain biking, or climbing? Or are you just planning to stay put, make fires, and read a book? Similarly, you’ll want to consider your access to food (such as grocery stores) and other necessities, such as gas stations or RV dealerships like Leisureland RV.

Next, Consider Your ‘Wants’

Now comes the fun part!

You get to ask the exciting questions, like:

  • Do you want the forest or the desert? 
  • Do you want a waterfall view or a cliff’s edge view?
  • Do you want to see wildlife in the middle of nowhere or make friends with new neighbors?
  • What types of landscape do you expect to see during your trip?
  • Do you prefer warmer weather or cooler weather?

After all, the practical questions are important—but you’re doing something different and exciting. You’re taking the road less traveled, seeing the world from the comforts of a home (with wheels), and having an adventure. Because of this, you’ll want to reward yourself with some awe-inspiring, unforgettable sights.

So, consider your terrain, weather, and landscape dreams and then research areas that match that. Make your way there and take appealing stops along the way. Plan your trip weeks ahead of time or go with the flow.

It’s all on you—that’s part of the fun!

Finally, Consider Some of These Amazing Options

You didn’t think there’d be a ‘Best RV Parks in the US’ post without at least a few suggestions, right?

America is home to a slew of gorgeous spaces. There’s no lack of scenes to see, rivers to swim in, boulders to climb. From flat lands and mountainscapes to dry deserts or humid seaside towns, you’ll find it all.

Here are some well-reviewed RV parks to consider paying a visit to!

Elk Meadow Lodge & RV Park: Estes Park, CO

Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular destination. This park offers an unobstructed view of the mountains—minus the crowds of tourists that flock there.

Elk Meadow is peaceful, scenic, and only a mile from the notable Estes Park. 

Zion River Resort: Virgin, UT

Zion River is a ‘valley oasis’ that provides towering views of the massive canyons surrounding it.

It’s next to Zion National Park, a popular spot for hiking, camping, and sight-seeing. Meanwhile, it’s accommodating and comfortable.

Ozarks RV Resort: Oak Grove, Arkansas

Table Rock Lake is a well-known and -loved, 750-mile region featuring this luxury RV resort.

Ozarks RV grants you all the access to water activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing. It’s thirty minutes from popular Branson, MO. It’s also got a plethora of lakeside plots offering some of the most beautiful views.


Stay in the Best RV Parks for the Greatest Memories

Choosing an RV park might seem overwhelming, but this article should help you narrow it down.

It’s all about balancing—considering what you want and what you need, and finding the best possible combination of the two. When in doubt, ask locals, friends, or family. We can almost guarantee they’ll have a suggestion for you.

Now that you know how to pick RV parks, it’s time to prepare for a grand adventure.

Consider us your source for go-to travel tips. Come back often for more!