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5 Amazing Benefits of Metallic Floor Coating

A staggering number of homes get bought every year. In 2019 alone, people purchased approximately 5.3 million existing homes.

Once you get done fixing and decorating the interior of the house, though, it’s time for a look at the garage. If that poured concrete floor is in good shape, you’ll likely put some priority into keeping it that way.

What if the idea of a bare concrete floor doesn’t thrill you, though? A metallic floor coating offers you an option for concrete floors that offers many benefits. Keep reading for five of the biggest benefits you can expect.

1. Durability

One of the most important benefits of a metallic concrete floor coating is the durability it offers. Cured epoxy isn’t a coating for this year or the next few years. An epoxy coating can withstand decades of use without failing.

If you’re worried about traction, you can even get non-slip additives put into the mix.

2. Easier Maintenance

Unlike most flooring, the best metallic epoxy floor coating provides you with a completely seamless surface. That means dirt and grime cannot build up in the cracks or grout, a perpetual problem with tiled floors.

Anything that does fall to the floor should get caught in the next round of sweeping or mopping.

3. Resistant Surface

While its surface looks solid, concrete has lots of microscopic pores. Those pores allow spilled liquids to seep into the concrete and stain or damage it.

Let’s say you get a Garage Force metallic garage floor coating. The coating will actually resist penetration by spilled liquids and even some chemicals, such as oil and antifreeze. The coating soaks up the abuse and leaves the concrete beneath strong.

4. Healthier

Remember those seams mentioned above? Those don’t just harbor dust, dirt, and grime. They can also play host to bacteria and microbes.

Eliminating those seams also eliminates a hiding place for things that can make you or your family ill. Some companies will also add an antimicrobial treatment to the flooring mix during installation.

5. Style

A metallic concrete floor coating also offers you the chance to express a little style. You can get a coating in dozens of colors. On top of that, you can adjust the total metal additive density, which changes the final look and feel of the coating.

You can always go with more neutral colors if you prefer them. If you want something different, though, you can pick a color and metal combo that will make your garage floor pop.

Is a Metallic Floor Coating Right for You?

Deciding on whether or not to get a metallic floor coating depends a little on the state of the existing floor. If your floor is in bad shape, a coating can only do so much to help.

You must also decide if it’s the right time for an upgrade. If you don’t expect the floor to see much abuse for a while, it can probably wait.

If your floor is in good shape and you want to protect it, though, it’s the right time.

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