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3 Major Types of Garbage Trucks Explained

For as long as there have been human settlements there has been the need for garbage collection and transportation. The foundations of the modern garbage truck types began showing up in the 1800s, though very simple and unsanitary.

These carried the “night-soil”, best known as human waste, away among other trash as it was pre-sewer times. Thankfully as the 20th century neared the garbage trucks evolved some, from hours drawn to pick up towards the modern design. 

Front Loader

This style of truck is primarily used for commercial and large business applications because of its efficiency in dealing with large loads and waste containers.

The trucks have large forks located in the front of the vehicle that is controlled by the driver via a joystick in the truck cab. These forks operate somewhat like the forks on a forklift in warehouse management.

The storage capacity on front loading-trucks is a bit larger than even the largest of the rear loaders. The front loading-trucks can average around 40 cubic yards.

They can lift containers weighing upwards of 8000lb and carrying an approximate payload of 30,000lb

The market for industrial and commercial front loader trucks for sale. is very wide-reaching and it essential you find a dependable vendor because of the materials you often will be dealing with.

Rear Loader

While not as efficient as the front loaders, rear loaders are very common because of their use in residential applications.

In most operations, the driver has helpers who are riding on or in the rear of the truck collecting and processing the garbage, unlike front loading-trucks where the controls can be operated by the drive alone.

The rear loader trucks are easily the most versatile and are commonly used to serve both commercial, depending on the size and needs of the client, and residential clients.

While operations do take longer, the most efficient boast a capacity of 6-35 cubic yards can haul up to 36,000lb at any time. They require about 14ft of space, height-wise for service and operation.

Side Loader

The side loader has two variations one fitted with an automatic arm and the other with a manual configuration. Both do the same task but the automated loader is a bit more expensive and will only need a single operator and not multiple.

Most effective and efficient models will service about 30,000lbs of garbage daily and have a holding capacity of 28 cubic yards of garbage. 

14 feet overhead 28 to 36 cubic yard over 11 tons payload

Trash Collection With All The Garbage Truck Types

We’ve identified the garbage truck types and now know exactly what application is best for each of the types. If there is a need for your business or another involving you, you can now spend your money more effectively. 

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