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10 Cheap Car Mods That’ll Have Your Ride Looking Like a Million Bucks

Fancy cars have their time and place. But whether it be limited cash flow or messy kids, not everyone wants to fork over a small fortune to get a top of the line car.

You can make your car look like the latest and greatest vehicle with cheap car mods. Here are 10 cheap car upgrades that will have your ride looking like a million bucks.

1. Tinted Windows

One of the most popular cheap car mods is tinted windows. Consider a mobile window tinting service if you’re short on time.

These pros can come out to your workplace or home to quickly add a little flair to your vehicle. Choose from a classy mirror tint or subtle tint on your back windows.

Be sure to check local laws on tint levels to avoid getting a ticket. Putting tint on the wrong windows or making it too dark is the easiest way to ensure hefty fines.

2. Seat Covers

There are good seat covers and there are covers that resemble the equivalence of fuzzy dice. You can choose the former with a custom set of leather seat covers.

These covers are great because you can skip the expensive leather seat upgrade when you buy your car. Opt for a brand new car with cloth seats and keep them in top condition with seat covers.

Aside from making your car look like a luxury ride, seat covers also help with your resale value since the seats underneath remain in pristine condition.

3. New Headlights

Cheap car mods don’t only include cosmetic changes. Faded or foggy headlamps make an older car look dated.

Get new headlamps for your vehicle to refresh its appearance. This is also a great safety option because it means more visibility when you’re driving at night or during inclement weather.

Look for independent mechanics for the best pricing on new headlights for your vehicle.

4. Headlight Tinting

If your car is dark-colored, tinted headlights give it a sleek appearance especially when paired with dark rims. Headlight tinting is legal in most areas, but the trick is not getting carried away.

Like window tinting, there are limitations on how dark you can make your headlights even if they still shine bright. It’s possible to apply the tint film to your headlights yourself, but you won’t get that custom styling look.

5. Interior Lighting Kit

Bring a soft colored under glow to your dashboard with an interior lighting kit. The difference between your car’s factory lighting a classy set of LEDs is tremendous.

You won’t ever go back to cheap lighting styles once you experience a soft blue light accenting all the best features in your vehicle as you drive at night. This is hands down one of the biggest payoffs to your cheap car mods because it upgrades not only the look but your overall driving experience.

6. Interior Trim Wrap

Another great option to bring up the style of your interior is a trim wrap. You might’ve settled for factory trim when you bought the car, but you can add a touch of color or woodgrain to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle.

Think beyond subtle colors if you drive a performance car. Muscle cars can upgrade interiors to include bright reds or blues to give the space a unique custom appearance.

Leather or carbon fiber are also good options if you’re looking for trim for a luxury car. Leather is perfect if you want a timeless look and are willing to deal with the upkeep.

Families should opt for something wipeable like high gloss vinyl. It’s best to seek professional help with installation to avoid bubbles in the film during application.

The only exception is if you’ve already applied film in other places on your car with success.

7. De-Chrome

Looking for something cutting edge to make your car stand out from the pack? De-chrome your vehicle to create an unforgettable appearance.

Dechroming is the process of taking away the metal trim on your car and replacing it with dark matte or gloss trim. This can make your car look like Night Rider if you’ve already gotten your windows tinted.

It’s a trend that’s relatively inexpensive but goes a long way in bringing a sense of style to your vehicle.

8. Roof Wrap

Wrapping your entire car is expensive. But make no mistake, there’s something very eye catching about a vehicle wrap that makes it stand out among cheap car mods.

Wrapping the roof instead of the entire vehicle is a great compromise to give you that extra flair.

9. Floor Mat

Dirty floor mats are a sign of the times. Times when you went to the beach. Times when you got fast food and ate it in the car.

Times that you’d rather forget but that your floor mats force you to remember. Upgrade your car with a set of performance rubber floor mats that get clean with a quick rinse from your garden hose.

10. Engine Remap

Engine remapping is the process of reprogramming your engine for better performance. You’ll often experience better gas mileage or a more powerful torque performance once you’ve gotten your car upgraded.

Keep in mind this service sounds far simpler than it is. It involves modifying your car’s computer so it should be left to a licensed mechanic.

The Pros of Cheap Car Mods

With cheap car mods, you get complete control of your driving experience. Instead of dropping loads of cash on a car that doesn’t fit your style, you can create the car of your dreams as your budget allows.

Take advantage of services offered by the best of the best in car customization in your area. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.