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A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Semi Truck Parts

Semi-trucks are the millionaires of milage!

While a normal car wears out around 200,000 miles, a semi-truck can make it to a million or more miles. On top of having true diesel engines, high mileage trucks are usually better maintained. Routine engine checks, and frequent oil changes, make semi-trucks road worthy warriors.

However, maintaining the engine isn’t all truck owners should pay attention to. To keep your fleet of semi-trucks running in prime condition, you need access to quality semi truck parts.

Read on to learn about semi-truck equipment that can improve your ride.

Types of Headlights

When you think of semi truck parts, you probably imagine big items like piggyback trailers or the wheels of the truck. However, there’s also a lot of small items, like headlights, that play a big role in the truck’s functionality.

Here’s a shortlist of the different type of headlights available:

  • Factory headlights
  • Custom headlights
  • Projector headlights
  • LED headlights
  • Halo headlights
  • DRL bar headlights

The headlights must be the right size to perfectly fit the semi-truck. It’s also important to purchase the proper hardware for installation and assembly. Drivers can also add style to their big rig by buying special housing assemblies and brackets.

Steering Wheel Options

If a semi-truck has a bad steering wheel, the entire driving experience will suffer. Being able to safely drive a big rig, while also being comfortable, all comes down to the type of steering wheel you choose.

The size, shape, dish, and grip thickness are the main things to pay attention to when you buy a steering wheel. Drivers can also look into getting simple replacement steering wheels if they like the one they have now but it’s wearing out. If you’re looking to try something new, there are wood steering wheels available that can make the truck cabin feel extra cozy.

Steering Wheel Knob

A steering wheel knob or Brodie knob attaches directly to the steering wheel. Having a knob can make steering easier, especially for long road trips.

However, you have to be careful that the knob doesn’t accidentally bump into your wrist. If you hit a big bump in the road, and the wheel spins, the knob could hit your wrist and cause an injury.

Grille Selections

The grille is another part of a semi-truck that serves a purpose while also improving how the truck looks. The grille protects the exterior of the truck from things that could scratch it.

When it comes to choosing a grille, it helps if you know the specific grille functions you’re looking for. For instance, mesh grilles are especially durable, while stainless steel grills can withstand the test of time.

ED grilles are a top choice when you want to give a semi-truck a more serious look. Plus, the LED lights also give the added benefit of increased visibility.

Upgrade Your Semi Truck Parts

There you have it! A few of the most important semi truck parts to keep your fleet on point. So go ahead and start searching for the parts you need to make your trucks the best around.

Not only will your vehicles look great, but upgrading your semi-trucks will also make your drivers happy! For more ways to be the best, check out the rest of this site.