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The 5 Best Concept Cars That Companies Never Made

There are some iconic cars that come along, make a huge impact, and then fade away again. The DMC DeLorean, the famous car used as a time travel machine in the Back to the Future franchise, is one of them.

Other cars, like the rugged Bronco, are in such high demand that they come out of retirement. The Ford Motor Company is bringing it back for 2021.

But what about the cars that never see the light of day? Those that we might glimpse under a “coming soon” banner but that never materialize?

For fans of unrealized four wheel dreams, we’ve got you covered. Here are five of the best concept cars whose rubber never hit the road.

1. Volkswagen GX3

Let’s start the list with a bang. The Volkswagen GX3 was unlike most cars on the road and definitely stood out.

Unlike most vehicles, this one ran on three wheels. It looked like a sleek racer ready to take on any hairpin turn.

Unfortunately, the liability lawyers held the vehicle back. Sure, it was lacking in safety features, but it seemed like it could’ve been a lot of fun to drive.

2. Lamborghini Estoque

Not exactly one of the most affordable concepts, nevertheless the Estoque was Lamborghini’s stab at a more family-friendly vehicle. Before it was set to go into production, however, Lamborghini announced the entire thing was canceled.

We still would like to see this front-engine model. We did eventually get the Urus, which is an amazing take on a high-end SUV.

3. Jeep Jeepster

Even the name sounds fun. The Jeep Jeepster was sporty, different, and had an unusual yet futuristic look.

The Jeepster was a cross-over between a sports car and an off-roader. With a few tweaks to the process prototype, this one would definitely be a hit in the modern world.

4. Ford X-2000

1958 was smack in the middle of the space age. That explains why this Ford concept car looks like a rocket designed more for the Jetsons than June Cleaver.

The pointed nose, rocket thruster-like fins, and sleek paneling all rendered in shiny silver and chrome was an utterly cosmic take on the sports car. Do you think this car inspired the Batmobile in the Batman TV show a decade later?

5. Jaguar C-X75

The C-X75 was a superstar before the general public had a chance to kick the tires and pop the trunk. We got a glimpse of this sleek sports car in the James Bond movie Spectre.

Unfortunately, the car remained only in our dreams of the silver screen. Although it seemed like a sure thing, Jaguar never brought it to production.

There’s never been a firm answer as to why it was never produced. Who knows — maybe we’ll see it again in the future?

More of the Best Concept Cars

After checking out this list of the five best concept cars, which one would you want in your driveway right now? Trick question — the right answer is all of them!

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