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Ford Truck Repairs: When to Call a Mechanic and When to DIY

Today’s trucks are built with perseverance and dependability in mind, but when it comes time to address your Ford truck repairs, will you do it yourself or will you call a mechanic?

No matter what your preference, there is always a cost associated with repairs. You can choose to handle this cost in one of two ways:

  1. Spend your money on parts and your time on labor
  2. Spend your money on parts, and someone else’s time on labor

The silver lining in this discussion is your choice in owning a Ford truck.

“In total, the F-Series has been America’s best selling truck for 40 consecutive years and its best selling vehicle overall for the past 35 years.” – Business Insider, 2016

With numbers like those in your corner, there is no shortage of quality mechanics to work on your truck and no shortage of reliable DIY materials and videos to follow along with.

Parts Will Always Cost You Money

This is the easy part of the decision. From the very beginning, you know you’re going to need to buy the replacement parts for the task of repairing your Ford truck.

Some of the repairs will require parts costing just a few dollars, while others will certainly set you back by several hundred dollars or more. That’s why you need to do a little research before you look for an auto parts supplier.

Be sure to shop smart and prospect all local suppliers. Many dealerships will sell individual parts to customers, but beware they may charge you a premium rate, due to you bypassing the Service Department’s installation.

It’s not uncommon to find friendlier prices when buying the parts through a local mechanic. Developing a good relationship with an accomplished mechanic or shop in your immediate area can certainly help your bottom line.

Labor Will Always Cost You Time, Money, or Both

Accounting for the time is where the decision becomes more complex. It will be important for you to know (as best you can) how much time your repair will take to complete.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself might be:

  • How many hours did this repair take someone else to complete?
  • How many uninterrupted hours can I devote to this repair, once I start work?
  • How much guidance will I have in completing this repair?
  • How much time could I save in paying a mechanic do the work?
  • How much money will it cost me to have a mechanic do the work?

Questions like these are challenging to answer objectively, but doing so will allow you to make the best decision about how you’re going to tackle your next Ford truck repair.

Having a ballpark estimate of how much time it will require from you in comparison to how much time and money a mechanic will require from you is a key contributor. The combination of quick turnaround time and low cost will usually point to a very clear choice in the mechanic’s favor while having clear guidance and a little extra time available can be ideal for your DIY desires.

Research the Required Tools for Your Ford Truck Repairs

With the internet at your fingertips, you have overwhelmingly positive odds of finding a record of someone else going through the same repair experience as yourself. Take advantage of this information and seek out the best options you can find.

Searching our site for Ford F-150 Service Repair Manuals, for example, will provide you with a list of over 100 options for you to choose from.

You must be sure to look closely at the tools required to complete the specific repair you’d like to attempt on your own. In many cases, without the proper tools at your disposal, it’s best to employ a mechanic for the repairs you need to make.

Some Ford parts stores will provide customers with automotive tools on loan, just for the job at hand. This is a great option to take advantage of if it’s something you can find near you.

Also, don’t be afraid to go looking in the various forums available to you. A quick search on google can turn up great options like this one specifically devoted to F-Series Trucks and the owners that love them. These communities are often very welcoming and can really provide great insight into what a job will require.

In some cases, you may even find a fellow Ford truck owner or local mechanic who is willing to share their tools and workspace with you.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Whether you are choosing to employ a local shop or getting your hands dirty while doing the work yourself, don’t underestimate the value of having a backup plan ready for use.

A simple repair job can quickly turn into your worst nightmare if you’re not careful, and a good backup plan is sure to save you time, money, and hassle as well.

You thought it was one wire and now it’s going to be a complete wiring harness change? Time to call that shop down the road, whom you spoke with before you got started on this “simple” fix.

Your choice of mechanics just changed his quote to an astronomical figure upon seeing how bad the damage is? It’s a good thing you vetted multiple shops when you were making a decision because now you can call your next best option.

Conducting Repairs Demands Proper Information

That’s what we’re here for. We’ve spent years working to aggregate a tremendous collection of materials to help you learn how to take care of your Ford truck repairs.

When you visit our site, you’ll notice that navigation is easy. The manuals we offer for purchase will be the last word in your decision to do-it-yourself or look for help from a professional mechanic.

If you’re going to ask a professional for their services, make sure you’ve found a technician who is ASE-Certified and read the reviews you can find regarding the work they’ve signed off on.

We’re here to respond to any questions you might have on your Ford truck repairs. Visiting our library of DIY articles is always a great choice.

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