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1928 Cadillac V8 Town Sedan owned by Al Capone
1928 Cadillac V8 Town Sedan owned by Al Capone



1928 Cadillac Victoria
1928 Cadillac Victoria

Drive line:


1928 Cadillac 314 Victoria Coupe
1928 Cadillac 314
Victoria Coupe


1928 Cadillac Sport Phaeton
1928 Cadillac Sport Phaeton


Fisher -- 140 in. (3556mm) wheelbase
Style No.DoorsBody TypeSeatingPriceWeight
11732-dr.Roadster2/4P$33502086 kg
11714-dr.Touring7P$34502105 kg
11724-dr.Phaeton4P$34502109 kg
1172-B4-dr.Sport Phaeton4P$39502339 kg
79202-dr.Coupe2/4P$32952191 kg
79802-dr.Convertible Coupe2/4P$34952120 kg
79702-dr.Coupe5P$34952164 kg
79504-dr.Sedan5P$35952218 kg
79604-dr.Town Sedan5P$33952216 kg
7960-L4-dr.Town Sedan5P$33952216 kg
79304-dr.Sedan7P$36952257 kg
79904-dr.Imperial Sedan5P$37452239 kg
7990-L4-dr.Imperial Cabriolet5P$37452239 kg
79404-dr.Imperial Sedan7P$38952284 kg
7940-L4-dr.Imperial Cabriolet7P$38952284 kg
Semi-Commercial -- 152 in. (3861mm) wheelbase:
Style No.DoorsBody TypeSeatingPriceWeight
NA-Limousine Funeral Coach---
NA-Limousine Ambulance---
Fleetwood -- 140 in. (3556mm) wheelbase
Style No.DoorsBody TypeSeatingPriceWeight
80204-dr.Sedan5P$40952327 kg
8020-L4-dr.Sedan (leather back)5P--
80304-dr.Imperial Sedan5/7P$42452311 kg
8030-L4-dr.Imperial Sedan (leather back)5/7P--
80254-dr.Sedan Cabriolet5P$40952327 kg
80354-dr.Imperial Sedan Cabriolet5/7P$42452311 kg
80454-dr.Sedan Cabriolet6P$40952327 kg
8045-C4-dr.Collapsible Landau5P$4795-
80554-dr.Imperial Sedan Cabriolet5/7P$42452311 kg
80004-dr.Sedan7P$41952291 kg
8000-L4-dr.Sedan (leather back)7P--
80104-dr.Imperial7P$44452355 kg
8010-L4-dr.Imperial (leather back)7P--
80054-dr.Sedan Cabriolet7P$41952291 kg
80154-dr.Imperial Cabriolet7P$44452355 kg
35254-dr.Trans. Town Cabriolet7P$55002355 kg
3525-C4-dr.Touring Town Collapsible Landeau7P$6200-
35124-dr.Trans. Town Cabriolet5/7P$50002355 kg
3512-C4-dr.Touring Town Collapsible Landeau-$5700-
35204-dr.Trans. Town Cabriolet7P$55002355 kg
3520-C4-dr.Touring Town Collapsible Cabriolet7P$6200-
35914-dr.Touring Limousine Brougham7P$55002355 kg
3591-C4-dr.Touring Collapsible Limousine Brougham.7P--
3550-Full Collapsible Cabriolet (on order)---
3550-C-(Town Car with full collapsible top)7P--

Note: The following body styles are listed as Fleetwood 341, 341-A, 341-B, but are unconfirmed. All are on 3556 mm wheelbase except as noted. Included must be full customs and one-off variations of catalog customs.

1928/1929 CADILLAC
SERIES 342-A, 341-B
Style No.Body TypeSeating
3015Limousine 138" wheelbase7
3133All Weather Touring5
3135Special Town Cabriolet-
3144Sedan 132" wheelbase4
3174Sport Cabriolet5
3208Imperial Cabriolet 152" wheelbase5
3238Club Cabriolet5
3274Sport Cabriolet Sedan5
3300Convertible Cabriolet7
3412Town Car 152" wheelbase7
3435Town Car 152" wheelbase7
3512-PTown Car5
3512-C-PTown Car5
3520-PTown Car5
3520-C-PTown Car7
3525-PTown Car7
3525-C-PTown Car7
3591-PTown Car7
3591-C-PTown Car7
3885Convertible Sedan-
3891Imperial Sedan7


Engine type Ninety degree V-8, L-head. Eight. Cast Iron block on Copper/Aluminum crankcase
Bore and Stroke 84.1mm3-5/16 x 125.4mm
Displacement 5.581 Liters
Compression ratio 4.8:1 std., 5.3:1 opt.
SAE/Taxable/N.A.C.C. H.P. 35.1
Main bearings Three
Valve lifters Mechanical, with rollers riding on cams
Carburetor Mfg by Cadillac under C. F. Johnson patents.
Compression 90-92 PSI @ 1000 R.P.M., 105-107 PSI @ 1000 RPM with hi-compression heads


  Series 341-A Series 341-A Comm Chassis
Wheelbase 3556mm 3861mm
Overall Length 5417mm -
Front Tread 1422mm 1422mm
Rear Tread 1473mm 1473mm
Tires 32 x 6.75 (7.00-20) 32 x 6.75 (7.00-20)


Transmission Selective transmission
Speeds 3 Forward, 1 Reverse
Controls Left hand drive, center control (rhd opt)
Clutch Twin disc clutch
Drive Shaft drive (torque tube)
Axle Full floating rear axle, Spiral bevel drive
Overall ratio 4.75:1 std; 4.39:1, 5.08:1 opt.
Brakes Mechanical brakes on four wheels 16" rear drums, 16" front drums (17" front mid-year)
Wheels Artillery wheels (wire and disc opt)
Wheel size 20 in.


Folding trunk rack$25.00
Step plate$3.25 ea.
Tire mirrors$30.00
Wind wings$15.00-30.00
Herald ornament$12.00
Seat covers, Spotlight$35.00
Tire covers$10.00
Tonneau windshield$120.00
Natural wood wheels$10.00 extra
5 disc wheels$20.00
6 disc wheels, fender wells, 2 spares$175.00
5 wire wheels$95.00
6 wire wheels, fender wells, 2 spares$250
Fender wells for wood wheels, 2 spares$140.00


1928 Cadillac Model 341
1928 Cadillac Model 341

1928 Cadillac Notes

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