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5 Signs You Need a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Do you know someone who has recently been in a motorcycle collision?

Have you considered hiring a motorcycle injury lawyer to advise you on your legal options? Are you struggling to find out whether you can make a claim to your insurance company?

Are the other parties involved liable? These are the types of questions a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you with.

Keep reading to find out the 5 signs that you need a motorcycle injury lawyer.

1. You Struggle with Pain

If you have a suffered an injury, or if you’re in pain, you need to contact a motorcycle injury attorney.

A good lawyer will be able to evaluate whether you have a claim to make. If you hire a lawyer with experience, they have probably encountered a similar case to yours already.

And they will also have an understanding of how to manage a claim through an insurance company. If a lawyer acts on your behalf, this will allow you to develop better communication channels with the insurance firms.

2. You Need a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer to Advise on Liability

If there are any doubts about who is liable for the accident, hiring a lawyer can work to strengthen your claim against the other party.

Your lawyer will establish the facts of the case, to advise you on what is the best action for you to take.

3. The Accident has Affected Your Job

Has your ability to carry out your tasks at your place of work been affected by the injuries or pain you suffered in the accident?

Your job is how you support yourself and your family, and therefore, if you cannot continue working, you may be entitled to compensation.

It may also be that you can’t ride a motorcycle ever again. Or perhaps other activities you previously enjoyed or needed to carry out.

A lawyer would help you to work out how the injuries incurred from the accident have affected your life. And they will pass on this information to your insurance company.

4. You Require Medical Treatment

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may require medical attention and need to recover over a period of months, or even years.

When you are receiving medical treatment you would be prevented from doing other things, such as working.

An experienced lawyer should also have a network of medical experts to advise on the extent of your injuries and how they may affect your overall quality of life.

5. You are Suffering From Mental Health Problems

It could be that while you have no or limited physical injuries, you may suffer from emotional stress, depression or other mental health problems as a result of the motorcycle accident.

This could have a further impact on the rest of your life. It could even be that it has significantly affected your confidence when driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

If you, or someone close you to you, are involved in a motorcycle accident, make sure you consider these 5 signs that you need to contact a motorcycle injury lawyer.