Transporting a Motorcycle Across the Country
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3 Tips for Transporting a Motorcycle Across the Country

Are you planning a cross-country trip with your motorcycle?

Many bike owners travel to new locations every year for fun. Motorcycle owners enjoy the feeling of getting on their bikes and seeing where the road takes them.

There are countless errors that you can make during the cross-country transport process, the most common of which is skipping a step. For that reason, we created this guide to walk you through transporting a motorcycle across the country.

1. Choose the Best Method of Transport

The best transport option depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of motorcycle, how far the bike needs to travel, how quickly it needs to get there, and the budget. Open air transport is most often the most affordable option, but this method may mean a longer delivery time, and the bike will be exposed to the elements.

Door-to-door transport, while more expensive, is the fastest option and will keep the bike secure and covered. Alternatively, shipping by rail may be cheaper, but it will also take longer. It is important to research each option thoroughly and make sure the company chosen is reliable, as a bike can be expensive and difficult to replace. 

2. Secure the Bike for Transportation

When transporting a motorcycle across the country, it is important to take the time to ensure the bike is properly secured. First, inspect the tie-down points on the trailer and ensure they are secure and stable. Use ratchet straps to tie the motorcycle down securely and make sure everything is tight before continuing.

It is also important to use protective covers to protect the bike from potential damage during the trip. Soft tie-down straps should be used to fasten the handlebars, mirrors, and other movable parts together to reduce the risk of damage caused by shifting in transit. Consider purchasing a heavy-duty motorcycle tie-down system to help keep the bike in place and secure it to the trailer. 

3. Find an Independent Contractor Shipper

One way to transport a motorcycle across the country is to enlist the help of an independent contractor shipper. Make sure to research the cross country motorcycle shipping company and their service. Ask for detailed information such as coverage, types of transport, and delivery times.

Confirm that the price quoted is comprehensive and includes all fees, taxes, and other costs. Also, inquire about any additional safety protocols or guidelines that must be followed to ensure the safe and proper delivery of the bike. 

Make sure the company is experienced and trusted – read reviews and look for certifications. Ensure that the company will be able to provide you with detailed tracking information. Lastly, confirm that they provide comprehensive insurance coverage in case of any damage during the shipping process. 

Transporting A Motorcycle the Easy Way

Overall, transporting a motorcycle across the country can be an arduous task. However, following the tips mentioned in this article can help ease the stress and ensure safe arrival.

Remember to plan your route, ensure all necessary documents are present, pick an appropriate form of transportation, and secure the bike before completing the trip. So don’t wait anymore. Start planning your long-distance journey now!

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