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Car Tire Store Near Me: How To Change a Car Tire

Car tires are a major part of the car’s structure and should be given proper care. Safety is always a priority when traveling in automobiles, and maintenance is a key factor in ensuring your safety.

A car tire store near me can handle various car tire problems–no matter the make or model. Below, you will discover any questions about car tire care and what to do when changing a car tire.

Find a Safe Location

Look for a location that is well-lit, away from traffic, and preferably on a flat surface so that the car does not roll away as you change the tire. Avoid parking on soft dirt or grassy areas, as you may run into an issue with getting the jack under the car.

In addition, look for a spot that has a 24 hour mobile tire repair and is wide enough to accommodate you and a second person if you need help changing the tire. Safety should be the priority when looking for a place to change a car tire.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

When you change a car tire in public places, you must activate your hazard lights to alert approaching traffic and pedestrians. Other drivers will know to slow down and yield, giving you ample space and time to change a flat tire safely.

You can enhance visibility by utilizing emergency road triangles or flares if you find yourself in a lightless location. Visit a local car tire store near you to learn more about the proper procedures and how to choose and change tires.

Apply the Parking Brake

When the car is parked, put the transmission into the park. Then, before taking any further steps, apply the parking brake. Ensure the parking brake is properly engaged so the car won’t move.

A car tire store near me usually assists with changing tires. Before changing the tire, make sure the tire is properly inflated and that the lug nuts are tightened to the correct torque level. 

Apply Wheel Wedges

Wheel wedges can be a very handy tool when you buy a car tire, as they are designed to keep the vehicle in place and avoid any movement when the tire is being replaced. It is important to note that wheel wedges should only be used when a flat tire is changed, as using them for other reasons may lead to serious injuries.

When using wheel wedges, the wedge should be placed in the wheel’s turn radius, allowing the flat tire to be changed easily and safely. Again, the wedge should be placed between the wheel and the car’s body to avoid any dangerous movements. 

Remove the Wheel Cover

Use a flat-headed screwdriver to remove the center cap from the wheel. If the center cap is difficult to remove, use a cordless impact driver instead.

Once all the lug nuts are off, pull the wheel cover off and set it aside. Now the car tire can be accessed and ready to be removed and replaced. It’s important to make sure that all lug nuts are put back on and checked for tightness before driving. 

Loosen the Lug Nuts

To begin, try to find a flat, stable, and level surface to work on, such as a driveway or a parking lot. Once you have found a suitable area, you will need to safely secure your vehicle by setting the parking brake and chocking the opposite wheel.

Once your vehicle is secure and resting properly, you can loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire. The lug nuts should be loosened with a lug wrench, or if you do not have one, the most reputable car tire stores near you can loan you one. 

Place the Jack Under the Vehicle

Place the jack under the vehicle. This should be done on level ground, as the jack must be stable. You’ll want to line it up with the wheel that needs to be removed and ensure that the jack is situated away from exhaust components.

You’ll then want to start cranking the jack for it to lift the car slightly off the ground so that you can replace the wheel with ease. Make sure that whatever wheel you use fits tightly before lowering the car.

Raise the Vehicle With the Jack

You will be able to find the items required to change a car tire. Ask a staff member if you need help selecting the right items for your car make and model. They will likely provide a diagram of how to assemble the jack.

Once the jack is assembled, it is time to place it under the car, usually on the side closest to the tire that needs changing. With the jack in place, start cranking it until the car is high enough to insert the new tire safely.

Learn More About a Car Tire Store Near Me

A car tire store near me provides a variety of services for car owners. From replacing existing tires to helping you find the best tires for your vehicle, these stores can help you get safely back on the road.

Don’t forget to follow the steps and proper safety protocols when changing your car tire. For the best car tires near me, visit the professionals at your local car tire store.

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