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5 Reasons to Wrap Your Company Vehicle

As a small business owner, you need a company vehicle to get around town, meet clients, and transport tools and supplies. So why not wrap your car or van with your business logo and turn it into a rolling billboard advertisement?

Car wraps are a great way to use full-color design to market your company’s contact information. They’re eye-catching business cards that most people can’t miss and won’t forget. 

So what’s not to love about advertising car wraps? Here’s a quick look at why so many businesses love vehicle wraps, and why you should consider using them on all your company cars. 

1. Change Up Your Brand Design

Humans are visually oriented. This is why marketers use shapes and colors to create brands, and why most of us wouldn’t have recognized some of our most popular brands twenty years ago.

So if you’re looking to overhaul your company’s identity, it’s easy. Just give your company vehicles a whole new look with new car wraps. 

This is also a great strategy if you’re taking over an existing company and want the world to know that it’s off to a fresh start.

2. Create Instant Brand Identity

Vehicle wrapping your company’s car or fleet is a powerful way to create brand recognition. Some companies take it a step further and commit to using a certain make and model of vehicle. But usually, a brand’s colors and design are the most important factors, so a vehicle wrap on any make and model will suffice.

3. Establish A Professional Vibe

Nothing screams “I’m official!” like a vehicle wrap. If you wrap your vehicle or business fleet in identical designs, you’ll help your customers feel more confident about your professionalism. They’re more likely to trust that your business is legit when you have your contact information and work license numbers confidently displayed.

4. DIY Mobile Billboard Advertising

Your business marketing plan may not include actual billboard advertising, but if you wrap your vehicles your ads are just as powerful! Even better, you’ll reach more customers as you roll around and visit different locations.

For more on the dos-and-don’ts of car advertising, check out this car advertising guide.

5. Draw New Customers to Your Website

Every company marketing strategy should include a business website, even if it’s just one page. Think of it as your interactive business card, where customers can contact you and find out more about your products and services. 

Be sure to include your business web address and even social media handles on your car wrap- it’s a great way to introduce your company to new customers and get traffic for your website.

Advertise With Your Company Vehicle

When it’s wrapped in advertising graphics, your company vehicle can be your best marketing tool. If you wrap a fleet of company vehicles, you’ll increase your marketing power exponentially.

Vehicle wraps don’t have to be permanent, so if you change your mind or rebrand at some point, you can always remove them and start fresh. 

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