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RV Tire Change: How to Do It the Right Way

Did you know that over 17 million households are considering buying an RV?

This vehicle can allow you to see all the beautiful sights this country has to offer. While an RV can end up being one of the most exciting things to own in life, it’s important to learn about maintenance first. For instance, you should be familiar with an RV tire change guide.

Are you dreading the possibility of getting a flat? Keep reading to learn all about how to perform an RV tire change the right way.

Pull Over ASAP

When it comes to the RV tire change process, the first step is to pull over as soon as possible. While it’s sometimes possible to ride out a flat in a regular car, an RV is much heavier and bulkier. Riding it out can end up putting you, your loved ones, and other drivers in danger.

Since an RV flat is more likely to burst if driven on, you could also cause expensive damage to the wheel and other parts.

Loosen then Jack

Before you even think about using your jack to lift the RV, it’s essential to loosen the lug nuts first. This RV tire change tip can save you quite a bit of time and hassle, especially since it’s almost impossible to loosen the nuts when the wheel is elevated.

Don’t remove the nuts until after you’ve jacked the RV because that could allow the wheel to fall off during the process. As for the jack itself, it should come as no surprise that a regular car jack won’t work in this case. You’ll need to invest in a ramp back and place it behind the tire closest to the flat.

However, there are some jacks that can work on both a car and an RV, so it’s best to double-check the type you own.

Use a Tire Choke

If you need more RV tire change advice, then be sure to place a tire choke on the set of tires directly opposite the flat. The last thing you’d want is to have the RV start rolling as you’re trying to change the tire.

This tool can make a huge difference in terms of safety. Once you’ve removed the old tire, you’re free to put the spare on.

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Ready for an RV Tire Change?

Now that you’ve learned about how to perform an RV tire change the right way, you can continue having an epic road trip despite a bit of a road bump or two. Be sure to demonstrate the technique with your kids so that they can grow up to be vehicle savvy like their parents.

There are plenty of other tips and tricks that can ensure your travels go without a hitch. Since we post high-quality articles on our blog according to a regular schedule, it’s worth tuning in as often as possible.