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What to Do When Your Car Is Stuck in Mud

Spring is coming, which means we’ll be seeing some spring showers and warm temperatures soon. If you’re a regular driver, you’ll also have to deal with muddy roads from said rain.

So what should you do when you get your car stuck in the mud? What shouldn’t you do when you get caught in that situation?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about the proper ways to get your cars out of the mud.

What You Shouldn’t Do When A Car is Stuck in The Mud

Before we dive into what you should do when you get your car stuck in the mud, let’s first go over what you should always avoid. Getting unstuck is all about remaining calm and composed while also avoiding these pitfalls.

The first thing many people do, either because of panic or frustration, is to rev up their engines and try to power out of the mud. This only puts your car deeper into the mud since tires with little traction will just drag you in more.

It’ll also damage your car’s axles, tires, and transmission. Avoid doing this at all costs.

If you manage to gain some traction and start moving out of the mud spot, don’t stop. Keep your car moving and don’t let up just because you might’ve felt your car move.

Avoid taking this on alone. Even something as simple as getting a passenger to keep an eye on your progress can improve your odds of getting out. 

How to Unstick a Car Stuck in Mud

The first step to getting your car out of the mud is by taking a breath and assessing the situation. Get out of the vehicle and see how deep your car is entrenched so that you can come up with an escape solution.

If you think you’re not in too deep, you can try rocking your car back and forth. This is done by putting your car in the lowest gear possible and accelerating just a bit before moving a little bit backward.

Sometimes your car’s wheels just need a bit more space to accelerate out of a mud spot. You can try clearing that space by moving your wheels from side to side. Digging some mud out of their way also works.

This creates a flatter space around the wheels to accelerate out of. As long as you don’t accidentally dig a deeper hole, this should work to give your car a little more breathing room.

Another way to get your car out of a muddy spot is through a snatch. This requires a bit more effort but definitely works if you’re in really deep.

Explaining how a snatch trap works is a little complicated, so click that link to find out more. Suffice to say, it’s a convenient way to get out of the mud if you’ve got someone else driving with you.

What to Do For Cars Stuck in The Mud

It’s daunting when you get your car stuck in the mud, but there’s always a solution available. Use this guide to always be prepared and know exactly what to do when your car is stuck in the mud.

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