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5 Top Car Mods and Accessories You Need In 2022

Are you looking for ways to make your car stand out from others on the road? If so, you aren’t alone! In 2021, there were more than 15 million new vehicles sold in the United States.

These new cars, trucks, and SUVs come from the factory with standard features. This means they will look fairly similar across a particular model. You can make your vehicle unique by making after-market modifications.

Read on to learn the top five car mods and accessories you need in 2022!

1. New Wheels

Visit your local car mod shop and find some new wheels that are unique but not too flashy! Since new cars are made with only a few different wheels from the factory, thousands of vehicles hit the road looking just alike each year.

Buying a new set of wheels can be an expensive modification but they go a long way towards making your car different. Before you buy new wheels, consider your current wheel and tire size. If you are changing wheel size, you will need to buy new tires to fit the right way.

2. Install an Exhaust System

Whether you want to leverage the sport mode in cars or just sound different from other vehicles, a new exhaust system is a great mod for you!

Companies like Corsa and Flowmaster make after-market exhaust systems that fit with pinpoint accuracy. You will just need a professional mechanic to install the system if you can’t do it yourself!

3. Custom Paint Jobs

With today’s supply shortages, it may be possible that the first choice for your car’s color was unavailable. Even if you got your preferred color, over time it may not be as impressive as it was at first glance.

Paying for a custom paint job can make your car one of a kind. Before you pick your color, consider other things like the weather where you drive and if you will keep your car in a garage.

You can get Llumar paint protection film on your car to protect your new paint job so that it lasts longer!

4. Replace The Air Intake

Cheap car mods are great for an enthusiast on a budget! One of the best bangs for your buck is to replace the air intake on your car.

The air intake is the system where your car takes air from outside of it and forces it into your car engine’s intake manifold. The more efficient your car is, the more powerful it will operate.

5. New Performance Tires

If you drive through inclement weather from time to time, new tires can be helpful for safety and performance! As you decide whether performance tires are the best option for you, consider how often you are driving and the kind of roads you will travel.

Lower profile tires may look cooler to you and others but will be more expensive to maintain and replace in the short- and long-term!

The Car Mods You Must Have Today

Paying for car mods is an effective way to make your vehicle a truly unique machine. Before you begin shopping for modifications to make to your car, consider your budget and how you want to make your car different.

This will help you narrow down your mods and ensure that you have the car you want when you are done!

Are you interested in learning about other great ways to maintain your car or truck? Check out our blog section for posts with the latest tips and tricks to keep your ride running like new!