Sun Damage on Car Paint
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Sun Damage on Car Paint: What Can You Do to Fix and Prevent It?

You know the feeling of getting into a car that’s been left in the sun? In just one hour, your steering wheel can heat up to 127°F and your seat up to 123°F. Now just imagine what those rays are doing to your car’s paintwork!

The sun may be great for humans in need of some Vitamin D, but cars need UV rays like a fish needs a bicycle. As time goes by those pesky rays break down the pigments and cause unattractive sun damage on car paint. What can you do?

Let’s take a quick look at how to fix those blotchy patches and how to prevent them from appearing in the first place. 

How to Fix Sun Damage on a Car

To attempt to fix sun damage to paint on cars, you’ll need a rubbing compound from a motor supplies store. You’ll need the temperature to be above 50°F, but that’s probably not an issue where you live.

Grab a car buffer and put a small amount of the rubbing compound onto the pad. Before you turn it on, use the pad to smear a thin layer around the damaged area. Then turn it on, and start buffing small sections with the compound.

This can be frustrating and takes a bit of patience.

You’ll need to focus on a small area of about one square inch at a time. You should start to see the color coming back. Then thoroughly wash and dry the car and inspect your handiwork.

More serious sun damage may need a more drastic solution, or a lot more time and patience. Taking it to a professional car detailer will get the job done to a high standard. 

How to Prevent Sun Damage on Car Paint

For preventing sun damage on cars, paint protection film is the way to go. 

Don’t confuse paint protection film with a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps are purely cosmetic—they simply change the color of the car. On the other hand, paint protection film is clear and provides a high level of protection. 

One of the best types of paint protection film is known as ‘clear bra’. Read this article on about how this invisible film can provide amazing protection for your car.

Paint protection films protect your car from fading caused by UV rays. Apply them to your windows, and they can also prevent your car interiors from fading.

By providing a physical barrier, they also protect against:

  • Bug damage
  • Road debris
  • Chemical splashes
  • Rain and hail
  • Hard water spots

As soon as you purchase your new car, get it covered with paint protection film. You won’t have to spend your Sunday afternoons battling sun damage on the hood of your car! Instead, your car will gleam like the day you bought it.

Prevent Sun Damage on Your Car

It is possible to fix sun damage on a car, but it’s a lot of work. Save yourself time and expense by protecting your car as soon as you buy it. Paint protection film like a clear bra gives you unbeatable UV protection and keeps your ride looking good. 

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