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How to Protect Your Wheels and Keep Them Good as New

Car enthusiasts spend hours meticulously cleaning and detailing their vehicles. One area that is often overlooked during these detailing sessions is the wheels. Not only do your car’s wheels make it stand out in a crowd, but they’re essential to the proper functioning of your vehicle. 

Wheel protection is a huge part of vehicle ownership. Your car can break down faster without proper wheel cleaning and care. Keep reading to find everything you need to know about how to protect new wheels.

Be Proactive in Winter

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your entire vehicle. It can be even harsher on your tires since they’re always exposed to the elements.  

If you live in an area that experiences true winter, bi-weekly wheel care is necessary. When salt on the road mixes with water, it becomes saltwater. Saltwater is your vehicle’s enemy as it can corrode metals and cause rust. 

The longer you let the corrosive saltwater sit on your vehicle, the quicker it will eat away at the metal. Keep your new wheels rust-free by washing them every other week during the winter. 

You might also choose to designate a set of rims specifically for winter use. Keep your high-quality powder coated rims for summer use and exchange them out for used rims in the winter.

Commit to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

The best tire and wheel protection plan includes regular cleanings. 

It’s best to approach this job with the least aggressive cleaning method first. The less you use harsher chemicals, the better. Of course, if your tires are very dirty, you may need to bring in reinforcements (heavier duty cleaners).

Clean your wheels once they have had time to cool down from driving. If they’re still warm, your cleaner may not dry and you might see water spots. 

Buy a washing mitt for your wheels. The mitt you use for the rest of your car won’t be abrasive enough to get your tires clean. 

Don’t forget to clean often-missed spots like the wheel barrel and the lug nut hole. You may find using a brush to scrub the dirt from these areas is easier. 

A wheel cleaning spray is a must-have as it can loosen up metal shavings in your wheels. The metal savings, also known as brake dust, can become corrosive over time.

Use a Wheel Sealant

A wheel sealant is to your tires as a car wax is to the body of your vehicle. A high-quality sealant will add a protective and clear layer of protection. It provides a barrier against dirt, brake dust, tar, and other harmful things that come into contact with your tires.

Sealants keep out contamination making your next wheel cleaning job easier. 

Wheel Protection is Key to Vehicle Ownership

Performing regular wheel protection and cleaning will expand the lifespan of your tires. Plus, who doesn’t love the look of shiny and well-kept wheels and rims?

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