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Chauffeur vs. Driver: What Are the Differences?

Have you ever used the word “chauffeur” when referring to a driver or vice versa? If so, you’ve made a very common mistake.

The words “driver” and “chauffeur” are used interchangeably so often that people don’t recognize that there are differences between the two. People may think that “chauffeur” is just a fancy word for driver.

That is not the case. Every chauffeur is a driver, but not every driver is a chauffeur.

Are you interested in the difference between chauffeur vs. driver? Read on to understand everything you need to know about the subject.

What Is a Driver?

A driver is exactly what the name implies. This is a person who drives something.

How does this differ from being a chauffeur? A truck driver is technically a driver, as are people who drive for Uber or Lyft. Cab drivers and pizza delivery boys are also considered drivers.

When you think of the word “chauffeur,” do truck drivers and pizza delivery boys come to mind? The answer is very likely “no,” so don’t continue to confuse the two terms.

Now that we’ve specified that a driver is not a chauffeur, now we can start learning what sets a chauffeur apart from a driver.

What Is a Chauffeur?

While people hire a driver for the single task of driving, they hire a chauffeur for so much more. A chauffeur is there to serve as a concierge on wheels.

Chauffeur’s exist to provide more than transportation. They are there to make your transportation experience luxurious and convenient.

While a driver may cancel on you at the last minute, a reserved chauffeur is much more reliable and eager to give you the service you pay for. The chauffeur does it according to your desired schedule. Chauffeurs are there to serve you according to your needs.

Moreover, chauffeurs are trained to know the city well and recommend places to eat and drink. They may even provide such accommodations in the chauffeured car itself. If you need to get anything done on your way to your location, the chauffeur is happy to accommodate your needs.

Simply put, chauffeur services are going to make any transportation experience an opportunity for you to spoil yourself. That’s true whether you’re headed to a prom, heading to a party, or even heading to the airport.

Chauffeur vs. Driver

Now that you understand the differences between the terms chauffeur vs. driver, you won’t confuse yourself or others by using the terms interchangeably anymore. Drivers only provide transportation, which of course is a useful and admirable service. A chauffeur takes it to the next level by serving as a driver as well as a host who will make your transportation experience luxurious.

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