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5 Easy Car Upgrades to Improve Your Driving Experience

Most people don’t bother with car upgrades. As a result, they don’t experience the full potential of their vehicle in terms of both comfort and performance. It’s not as difficult or expensive to make upgrades as many people think. 

In fact, some of the improvements are simple, and they make a big difference. We’re going to look at how to upgrade your car today, giving you insight into the key ways that you can make your ride more enjoyable. 

Some of these are cheap car upgrades, while others require a little bit of an investment. Hopefully, one or two of the ideas below will resonate with you and get you under the hood. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Car Speaker Upgrade

When it comes to car interior upgrades, the first thing you should do is adjust your speakers. Manufacturer speakers don’t always hit the spot like you want them to, and it’s easy to get the parts needed for an improvement. 

Car stereos are comprised of a few simple parts. There’s the head deck, the amplifier, and the speakers. In terms of speakers, you might have three different kinds. 

The door speakers constitute the mid-range of the audio. Those are your bread and butter. If you want to make a simple upgrade, just replace your door speakers. 

The tweeters are the high-end of the audio. The subwoofer is the low-end of the audio. If you invest in all three of those speakers, you’ll have a very immersive musical experience. 

That said, a person can buy high-end door speakers that do a lot to improve things. When you get speakers, though, make sure that your amplifier can handle the full range that the speakers put out. 

If your amp doesn’t deal with the frequency potential of your speakers, you will have paid for more than what you’re getting. 

2. Aftermarket Tires

Another easy improvement to your ride is changing the tires. It doesn’t seem like tire quality is something you’d notice while driving the vehicle, but you’ll be surprised when you switch them up. 

New tires offer better grip, better acceleration, and overall improvements in the handling of the vehicle. The thing about tires, though, is that they cost a pretty penny when you invest in nice ones. 

If you’re looking to improve your tires, the best option is to wait until your current ones lose their tread. Once it’s time to purchase new tires anyway, the cost of great aftermarket ones will be a little easier to justify. 

Those of you who don’t have any budget to speak of, though, should go ahead and get new tires right away. 

3. Window Tinting

Tinted windows do more than add a cool, sleek element to your vehicle. You get a significant amount of privacy when you tint your windows, and that does a lot for the experience you have while driving.

Further, places that get a lot of sunshine make for extremely hot cars and damaged eyes. If you’re doing a lot of driving and commuting in extremely hot, sunny areas, tinted windows are a must. 

Make sure to check your local laws on how much tint you’re allowed to have, though. Different areas set strict restrictions on tinting, so you could wind up with a hefty ticket if you’re not abiding by the laws. 

The best way to get the right tint is by looking at window tinting companies and seeing what they have to say. They’re aware of all your local laws and regulations on tinting, and they do a great job of installing. 

4. Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake sounds a little fancy, but it’s one of the simplest ways you can improve the actual performance of your vehicle. 

Essentially, the cold air intake allows more cold air to enter your engine and improves combustion and horsepower. Some estimates claim that adding one of these can boost your horsepower by a significant margin. 

Further, an increase in cold air allows your vehicle to stay cool as it runs. Overheating, even on a small scale, does a lot to reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. So, you’ll get an uptick in the operational performance of your car, and it will last a lot longer. 

It’s a win-win. The only downside (or upside, depending on who you are) is that you’ll remove some of the sound-dampening effects of your old intake. That means your vehicle might get a lot louder when you make the change. 

Standard intakes have a number of restrictive additions that aim to keep cars quieter. Those additions reduce the amount of air entering your vehicle and affect its performance. 

That said, anyone who lives in an extremely hot climate would benefit a lot from a cold air intake. Your vehicle is hot all the time, and any cooling effect you can add will make a big difference to your car’s longevity. 

5. Better Suspension

Suspension helps keep your car level as you rumble down bumpy roads. Your car floats above the tires and the wheels bounce without impacting the driver at all. 

Improving your suspension makes for a much smoother ride. Making the adjustment also gives you the chance to lower your suspension. Why would you lower your suspension, you ask? 

Two reasons. For one, it gives you a lower center of gravity and helps you control the vehicle better. Driving on roads at high speeds is hard enough as it is, so why not give yourself a little advantage? 

Second, it makes your vehicle look like a truly “souped-up” car. There’s nothing wrong with adding a few style points into the mix while you’re under the hood, right? 

Want to Learn More About Car Upgrades?

Hopefully, our look at these fundamental car upgrades was useful. Changing one or two of the things listed in the article will have a big impact on the way you feel when you’re on the road. 

There’s more information out there if you want it, though. We’re here to help. Explore our site for more ideas on making your car as comfortable, stylish, and effective as possible.