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The Latest Pickup Truck Essentials Every Vehicle Owner Should Have

The US has the highest rate of vehicle ownership in the world. Almost 300 million cars are on the road in our great, motorized nation.

And the crazy part? Almost 20% of those vehicles are pickup trucks. So not only do Americans love driving, but they love sitting high and carrying a ton of gear as well.

As a truck owner, one of the best things to do is upgrade your truck, making it unique to your needs and personality. While trucks come off the lot nearly perfect, there are tons of pickup truck essentials you can get to improve performance, convenience, and aesthetics.

So what are the best truck accessories upgrades for your vehicle? Read on below to see how you can make your truck stand out from the crowd. 

Trailer Hitch

The best pickup trucks come with towing capacity right out of the gate. But if bought a use struck, or a smaller, more nimble truck, there’s a chance towing equipment was left out.

But you can always install a trailer hitch. Having the ability to tow, for work, fun, or to help your neighbors and friends out, is incredibly convenient. No trucks should be without a hitch. 


Truck beds are meant to carry anything and everything. From firewood to bricks, and groceries to dogs, your truck bed can and will do it all.

But just because it can handle the scrapes and scratches doesn’t mean it should. If you anticipate using your truck bed heavily, consider adding a Bedliner. These are typically made of heavy-duty plastic and protect your bed from the unnecessary scratches and dents that come with regular use.

Plus, it’s easier to slide materials on plastic than it is on a metal bed. And you won’t have to deal with the screech’s sounds of dragging something over sand or dirt particles. 

Folding Bed Cover

How many times have you cursed the rain or snow after loading up your truck bed with expensive equipment that you need to keep dry? Well, with a bed cover, you can avoid this problem forevermore.

While in the past, bed covers weren’t flexible, today, you have more options. you can get a folding bed cover so that if you need to carry something taller than your bed cover will allow, you can quickly fold up the cover without having to uninstall it. 

While it seems like a luxury, this type of accessory will prove its worth on a regular basis. 

Running Boards

Again, if you anticipate heavy use of your truck bed, consider adding a running board. It’s a step that runs the entire length of your truck bed. They are especially important for taller trucks since it can be a pain to get from ground level to your truck bed without pulling a muscle.

Not only do they perform a critical function, but they look like they are part of the design of a truck, as they blend in well with most modern pickup trucks. 

If you want something fancy, you can install a retractable running board. When you open your truck door, the step automatically comes out. 

Make Your Truck a Workhorse

Do you use your truck for work? Do you depend on your truck carrying a bunch of tools and materials to the job site every day? Then there’s a handful of useful accessories you need to add to your truck today to make your commute much more efficient.

You can add ladder racks to your roof and bed, to secure ladders up high, freeing up your bed space. A toolbox that extends across the bed of your truck ensures you never lose a tool again. 

And if your truck bed isn’t big enough, you can add an additional cargo box as well.

Read more here for all the aftermarket truck parts you need to make your truck perform on the job.

Bed Lights

Loading your truck in the dark is a pain. But in winter, when the sun sets around 5:00 PM, you’re going to appreciate lights in the bed of your truck.

You can rig them up so that they turn on automatically when the bedroom door opens up. They’ll turn off automatically after a few minutes. No more needing to carry a flashlight in your back pocket. 

Grill Guard

You can find whitetail deer in 49 out of 50 states. The only state without them is Alaska. But they have much larger mammals to look out for when driving on backroads.

Deer are big animals. Male deer can weigh more than 200 pounds. And they are notorious for coming out at night and stopping in the middle of the road. They’ll also run out across the road right before you pass them, creating a dangerous situation.

Deer are known to cause a huge amount of damage to vehicles upon impact. You can limit, or eliminate the potential damage from large animals with a grill guard.

These attach to the front of your vehicle, preventing animals or other objects from damaging the front of your vehicle. They can also keep brush out of the grill when offroading. 

Tailgating Canopy

Many people don’t realize that tailgating is still a thing. Especially out in the Midwest, where everyone and their mom drives a pickup truck and heads to the local Friday night football game.

You can make your planned or impromptu tailgating parties more enjoyable by picking up an affordable tailgating canopy. Help block out the sun, rain, or snow and enjoy a grill out with your friends in the parking lot luxury. 

You can also get tents that extend off the roof of your truck in a similar way. This is one of the most convenient ways to go camping since the setup is a breeze. 

Always Choose Quality Pickup Truck Essentials

Not all pickup truck essentials are made to high standards. Many knockoff brands exist, trying to shill out cheap accessories for low prices.

Don’t fall for this. Trucks need tough gear that has been battle-tested. By your accessories from trusted brands who specialize in American trucks. If you don’t you’ll regret it.

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