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Are Solar Carports Worth the Cost?

No one wants their car sitting out all night. When you leave your vehicle in your driveway or parked on the street, it’s exposed to the elements and could be damaged by passing cars or careless drivers.

For people who don’t have a garage, carports are a popular way to ensure that cars stay safe when they’re parked at home. These open shelters provide a roof over the top of your car and keep it shielded from rain, snow, and sun.

But what if your carport could do more than just protect your car? That’s where solar carports come in.

These solar structures put a roof over your vehicle while also generating solar energy for your home. Keep reading to find out more.

How Do Solar Carports Work?

Solar carports have solar panels on their roofs. They are commonly found in commercial parking lots and can also be installed in residential units. Because they are out of sight and not too noticeable from the street, they can add to a home’s value without taking away from curb appeal.

Solar carports have many of the same benefits as rooftop solar panels. If you don’t have much yard space, a carport is a good place to install panels for additional power. Unlike ground-mounted solar panels, they don’t take away space from around your home.

If you don’t qualify for rooftop solar panels because of the style of your home or the shape of your roof, a solar carport is a great alternative.

What Do Solar Carports Cost?

Solar panel installation prices vary according to the location of the panels. Carport panels are slightly more expensive than rooftop panels. They range from $3.45 per watt on the low end to $3.99 per watt on the high end.

Solar for business costs slightly less per watt than residential systems because commercial systems are larger. That being said, residential carports are not usually prohibitively expensive. And when savings on utilities are taken into account, you’ll see that the initial sticker price is not necessarily representative of the lifetime price of the panels.

Is It Worth It?

Like most solar energy products, the up-front cost of installing a solar carport is relatively high. But for many homeowners, the long-term return on investment makes the initial price worth it.

To decide if a solar carport is right for you, consider the amount of sunlight your home gets, the amount that you currently spend on utilities and the amount of money that solar panels could take away from your monthly bills. You should also look into state and federal tax credits that might apply to you.

Switch to Solar Today

If you’re considering installing solar panels or expanding your home’s solar capacity, solar carports might be right for you. Although the upfront cost might be significant, the benefits over time are well worth it.

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