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5 Benefits of Telescopic Towers and How to Choose the Perfect One

Telescopic towers allow you to gain an eagle-eye perspective of an environment, consistently over extended periods – which a drone can’t achieve.

Drones aren’t a good choice for extended aerial surveillance because they run out of batteries quickly. So, if you need a consistent way to view and video such things as protests and various events in the public or private domain, a telescopic tower is the way forward.

But what should you be looking for if you’re considering buying a telescopic tower for your vehicle?

Here is a quick guide with five benefits of telescopic towers and how to choose the perfect one.

1. Compact and Mobile

Two of the most critical factors you should consider when buying a telescopic tower are how easy is it to transport and does it take up loads of space?

The key is to choose one that detracts to a manageable size so that it can be transported with little fuss in a truck or van. There are some  types of telescope towers out there that require a trailer for the tower to be transported. But this means you need potentially double the space to park your vehicle.

2. Deployment Speed

Another factor that many telescopic mast users should look for is to choose one that deploys easily and at speed.

Whether you’re with law enforcement or private security, aerial surveillance’s speed of deployment can be critical for gaining the upper hand in a situation.

It could just be a matter of minutes where circumstances can change for the worse. And, if there were surveillance in place, certain unwanted actions might be prevented before they develop into something nasty!

3. Excellent Visuals

Since there are typically size and weight limitations to cameras on a drone, their cameras can be limited in capabilities.

For example, most standard drones are only capable of 2x, 4x, and sometimes 8x zoom functions. There are now specialist drones out there with higher zoom functions, but they are pricey.

One better option is to opt for a telescopic tower with exceptional zoom capabilities with 55x plus zoom functions available! You’ll have stable, long-lasting, and high-quality visuals that will be able to identify individuals from significant distances.

4. No Skills or Training Needed

With drones, there requires some technical skill to operate them effectively – especially at large events where certain areas need to be focused on.

However, telescopic tower surveillance is very easy to deploy and use after following a few simple instructions. As well, drones are prone to having various technical issues – they’re just not reliable enough to use as your only form of viewing.

5. Equipment Options Are Endless

Not only will you be able to use a mounted camera on your telescopic tower, but there are various other equipment types you can utilize.

For example, you can add long-range acoustic devices, 3D laser scanners, spotlights, and so much more to your telescopic set-up.

You can find a telescopic tower that is capable of mounting several technologies here.

The Truth About Telescopic Towers

You should not underestimate a telescopic tower’s capabilities and benefits to be used as a form of effective surveillance.

The possibilities of using telescopic towers are endless, and it doesn’t take an expert to transport, deploy, and use one in a speedy timeframe. Investing in a highly portable telescopic tower for your vehicle definitely makes sense if you work within the private or public security realms.

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