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What Do You Do If You Suspect You Need Tesla Repairs?

Over one million cars have been sold under the Tesla brand as of April of 2020. That means that there’s a chance that you or somebody you know owns at least one Tesla vehicle.

If you decided to buy a Tesla, one of the drivers of that decision was the nominal maintenance/work the car needs post-purchase. Nominal maintenance/work doesn’t mean that your Tesla will never need to be serviced, though. Therein lies the purpose of this post on Tesla repairs.

If you suspect that you need repairs made to your vehicle, keep reading. Below, our team steps you through what you can do to cover any of the technology or physical assistance your car needs.

Restart Your Car

Are your repair concerns tied to software issues you’re noticing? Before you call your local Tesla repair shop, give your car a hard reset if they are. Unbeknownst to many, you can do this by parking safely, then holding down both steering wheel buttons while pushing down your brake pedal.

After a few seconds, your display should go black and reboot.

Note that those directions apply reliably to the popular Tesla Model 3. Models 3, X, and Y restarts may feature slight variations depending on your software version.

Update Your Car

If your Tesla has been bugging you to update, but you haven’t brought it within range of WIFI to get the job done, take the time to do so. While it’s a long shot, it could be that the issue you’re noticing has been flagged and patched.

Updates take about 25 minutes to apply, so, if possible, schedule your update for a period of the day where you know you’ll have at least a half-hour of downtime.

Ask Tesla Service for Advice

If the above tips don’t fix your software issues or have hardware or car body problems, consider contacting Tesla’s advice. You can reach them by driving your car into your local dealership or by using the service feature in your Tesla app.

In many cases, a Tesla team can be dispatched to your location to remedy low-hanging issues.

Comply With Maintenance Standards

You’ve called in Tesla service. They’ve either fixed your issue or have referred you to a Tesla repair shop for fixes that go beyond the scope of what field agents can manage.

Now that your car is back in shape, what can you do to ensure you don’t run into problems in the future?

Our advice is to comply with Tesla’s suggested maintenance standards. While doing so isn’t a necessity to preserve your car’s core warranty, it certainly won’t hurt your car’s chances of living a long and healthy life.

Tesla Repair Can Be a Quick and Easy Process

Rumors have floated around that since Teslas are unique cars, getting repairs for them can be a nightmare. While that may be true in certain rural areas, most of the time, following the steps we’ve shared should allow you to access quick and seamless remedies for your issues.

If you find yourself needing additional where to get Tesla repaired advice or Tesla cost of repairs information, know that you’re welcome to browse more of the content we have available on our blog.