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5 Signs Your Car Needs a Radiator Repair

On average, people own their vehicles for around seven years. Do you own an older vehicle and wonder if there’s something wrong with the radiator? If you want to know the signs of a bad radiator, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over signs that you need a radiator repair.

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1. Leaking Coolant

Another sign of a broken radiator is leaking coolant. Coolant looks like green liquid. If you notice green liquid below your vehicle, you might need to get your radiator repaired.

It isn’t easy to detect a leak from the radiator. Ask a mechanic to handle this problem. No matter where the leak occurs, you’ll want to replace your radiator. This is the safest option.

If you’re unsure, get an inspection at Delta Automotive.

2. Low Coolant Signal

If you didn’t see green liquid, you might notice that the sign for low coolant has turned on.

Did you refill the coolant recently? If the light is still flashing, you might have a leak in your radiator. Don’t add any more coolant. Bring your car to a reputable mechanic who can take a look.

3. Your Vehicle Is Overheating

Have you noticed that your vehicle is hotter than usual? A hot car signifies that the engine could be overheating, and the radiator isn’t working correctly.

Act fast to prevent dangerous side effects. A broken radiator and an overheating engine could cause the insides of your vehicle to melt. You could end up with a completely broken-down vehicle.

You might notice a lot of steam pouring out from below your car’s hood. If this happens to your vehicle, pull over to the side of the road. Open the hood so you can cool down the engine.

When you notice that your vehicle is hotter than usual, see a mechanic right away.

4. Contaminated Coolant

Sometimes, a faulty radiator has contaminated coolant. The yellow or green coolant will look brown.

The coolant won’t be able to flow back inside the engine. This is why mechanics sometimes see a pile up in the radiator. This is another dangerous situation.

If you don’t take care of this, it could damage the engine or transmission, resulting in a costly repair.

5. Broken Radiator Hose

When a radiator breaks down, the hose will end up breaking from the heat. The radiator and the hose will need to get replaced.

If the issue has to do with the hose, you won’t have as costly a repair. Still, you’ll want to get a diagnosis of the problem from a mechanic to make sure.

Don’t Put off a Radiator Repair

We hope this guide on signs of radiator problems was helpful. Make sure you get a radiator repair done right away. Look for a local radiator repair shop.

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