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How Long Does It Take to Sell a Car on Average?

Are you trying to sell a car? If you’ve been in lockdown for several months now and your car has been sitting in your garage, you’ve probably thought there’s not much point in paying the expenses.

In the process of selling a car, you may also hear remarks that selling a car is an easy way to make money.

But is this true? And how long does it take to sell a car? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Depends How Old the Car Is

The age of the car is going to make a big difference when it comes to your car selling timeline. This is because brand new cars and vintage models are valuable, and many people will want them.

Whilst you might think selling an older car – a banger – for a cheap price will lead to a quick sale, you’d be mistaken. People are wary of buying cheap second-hand cars if they think are going to need serious repairs or might need scrapping after six months. 

This means the buyers have to investigate more and decide whether it’s worth buying or not. 

Be sure to check out this site for some useful tips:

Where to sell your car? If this site doesn’t provide the answers you want, you can look on directories or on Facebook groups as well. 

Depends What Model It Is

The model you are trying to sell also makes a huge difference as to how long it takes you to sell a car. This is why the used car market is both one of the hottest and one of the trickiest markets to navigate during the pandemic. 

If you’re selling a reputable model that everybody wants, there’s no need to worry. Your car is bound to be snapped up in no time. Popular models include BMWs, Land Rovers, Jaguars, and Rolls Royces. 

But remember that every car has a fan base and you just need to figure out where these people spend their time online. Although this can take some time to accomplish, this is how to sell a car. 

Depends Where You Live 

Selling cars is not like selling some second-hand goods you want to get rid of or putting the goods in a delivery van. Unless you’re going to pay big bucks to have the car shipped across the state or make the journey yourself – costing you time and gas – you’re limited to the people in your immediate neighborhoods or states.

And the amount people who are willing to pay for a car depends on how wealthy your neighborhood is or the kind of cars they like.

It’s also important to remember that some sellers will send cars to developing countries where they will contribute to the climate emergency. You need to be mindful of where your car will end up rather than thinking about the money. 

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Car? Depends on The Car

How long does it take to sell a car? This depends on so many variable factors, including where you live and the kind of car you’re trying to sell.

If you own a top model car like a Rolls-Royce or a Jaguar, you should be able to find a seller easily. If you have a model that not many people want or if you live in a rural district, it might take you longer to sell.

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