Winter Motorcycle Riding
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Top 3 Tips and Tricks for Winter Motorcycle Riding

Did you know that in one recent year there were over 12 million motorbike-using families in the U.S.?

Getting out on the open road on your motorbike gives the ultimate feeling of freedom. However, unless you have the skills and experience to drive in all climates, winter, in particular, could pose a problem.

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1. Do Not Drive in Obviously Dangerous Weather

It may seem obvious but bikes cannot handle the same weather as a 4×4. If it starts snowing heavily, it is time to take your bike home.

When snow accumulates it can make cornering treacherous. Freezing conditions mean that black ice can develop quickly. All of this means that you can easily end up on your side quickly.

If you are considering a long drive, keep a close eye on the weather forecasts in the days before. If in doubt, don’t take any risks. It is better to be able to rise a few weeks later than to put you and your bike in danger.

2. Work With a Towing Service

Despite the best of intentions, you may still get caught in freezing weather or even in an accident. In this case, you will be glad that you engaged the services of a towing service.

A towing service that specifically serves the biking community will ensure that your bike gets the TLC it deserves while towing it. After you get back they may even be able to do some mechanical work on your bike.

If they do ensure that they use quality parts. For instance, if your bike is a Kawasaki, ensure that they fit Kawasaki Parts.

Working with a towing agency means that wherever you are, whatever time of the day you have someone that you can call for help. When temperatures drop, this could prove lifesaving.

3. Prep Your Bike for Winter

When riding in winter you should expect the temperatures can rise and fall without warning. While you should know the techniques for riding in snow, you also want to make sure that your bike is physically ready for cold temperatures.

This would start with the tires. Depending on your location all-season tires may be enough if the temperature does not get too low for too long. In other cases, you may need specific winter tires that have the grip you need for cold roads.

All You Need to Know About Winter Motorcycle Riding and More

There is nothing better than getting on the road and relieving your stress on a motorcycle ride. However, unless you know how to handle winter motorcycle riding you could be putting yourself in danger. Taking these eight steps now can help you stay safe as you enjoy your time on the open road.

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