Tinting your Windshield
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Is Tinting Your Windshield Worth It?

Every single driver experiences this issue: You’re driving home from work or school in the wintertime. It’s sunset. Even despite having your visor down, you can’t see anything. You, and every other driver on the road, curse the fact that every single street and highway seems to head directly into the sun.

Glare from the sun or headlights isn’t just annoying to deal with. It can be dangerous since you can’t see the road ahead of you. Fortunately, if you invest in windshield tinting, you don’t have to contend with this complication!

What Is Windshield Tinting?

Windshield tinting, as the name would suggest, is the process of applying a film or tint to the windshield. This process can have many benefits for you as a driver. These benefits include, but are by no means limited to:

Glare Reduction

This is one of the primary reasons behind a driver’s investment in windshield tinting. By darkening the windshield, you can cut down on the glare you experience when you drive. This will keep you safe on the roads both day and night.

Cooler Interiors

Another major factor behind drivers Googling “auto tinting near me” is the need for cooler temperatures inside their vehicles. Let’s face it: cars can get really hot on the inside. Especially during the height of summer.

By tinting your windshield, you can keep your car cooler without throwing your AC on full blast.

UV Protection

It seems like every year we find new evidence discussing the harmful effects of UV rays. With a quality windshield tint applied to your car, you can mitigate the potential damage to yourself and your car’s interior.

Increased Privacy

Darker window and windshield tints can give your car an increased sense of privacy. This is an excellent deterrent to would-be car thieves, as they can’t see what you have from peering inside.

Can You Tint Your Windshield?

The only downside preventing many from considering windshield tinting is the litany of laws that prevent you from going too dark. In some locations, you may not even be allowed to tint your windshield; only your windows. Even if you can tint your windshield, you’ll have to use something much lighter than the standard, darkest-allowable 50% tint applied to driver and passenger windows.

Not sure what you can do without breaking the law? You’ll need to look up your state’s windshield tint laws to determine whether your alteration crosses the line.

Let’s Recap

Windshield tinting is an excellent solution to a common problem. It offers you protection from glare, increased interior comfort, and a sense of privacy and security. It also provides a sleeker look to your car.

However, before you invest in a windshield tint, you need to check out your state’s laws on the subject. The last thing you want is to wind up with a ticket for improper tinting.

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