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What Kind of Limos Are There?

Did you know that over 2.1 million Americans got married in 2018?

That’s a lot of happy couples celebrating! One of the most classic ways to celebrate any wedding is by leaving the ceremony in a sleek limo.

Limos are perfect for more than just weddings, though. However, there are plenty of different limos available to rent. So, how do you know which is right for your event?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn about the different types of limousines and which is right for you.

SUV Limousines

If you’re looking for a more modern take on a limousine, an SUV limousine is a great choice. The smaller executive SUV limo is great for family trips since it has a comfortable interior and plenty of storage room in the trunk.

Stretch SUV limos, like the ones from Golden Knight Limousine, can house up to 18 passengers. They’re perfect for sporting events and prom parties.

Classic Types of Limousines: The Stretch

The stretch limousine is a classic limousine and easily the most recognizable. These limos are perfect for a variety of events.

You’ll see them commonly used by high school students for proms and homecomings. They’re also a popular choice for weddings.

A medium-sized stretch limousine can hold around 10-15 passengers. They’re often filled with amenities, such as a privacy screen, drink stations, and LED lights.

Hummer Limousines

Hummer limousines bring even more fun to the traditional limousine style. If you are traveling with a party, a hummer limousine can comfortably fit everyone. With a rugged and unique outer appearance, these spacious limousines are perfect for bachelor parties.

Many hummer limos can fit up to 20 people inside and are filled with amenities. You’ll often find them decked out with TVs and slot machines. You can easily keep the party going between bars and casinos with a hummer limousine.

Business Appropriate Types of Limousines: Sedan Limousine

Sedan limousines are one of the smaller types of limousines. They’re able to comfortably accommodate 3-4 people.

The smaller size makes it perfect for business travel. They’re perfect for charming clients, whether you’re picking them up from the airport or taking them out for a business dinner.

If you’re traveling for work, they also make commuting around a city more luxurious and classy. It’s a great alternative to a traditional cab. You’ll have plenty of room to relax and review your work as you travel during a business trip.

Limo Bus

You’ll want to opt for a limo bus if you’re traveling with a crowd. Many limo buses carry up to 30 people. They’re a great choice to keep the party going as you move from one hub to another.

They’re decked out with plenty of amenities. Most have restrooms, dance floors, and fully-equipped bars. You’ll also find upholstered couches where you and your fellow passengers can relax as you cruise.

Travel in Style

Renting a limo is the perfect way to indulge in luxury travel. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a party, there are plenty of types of limousines to suit your needs.

You don’t always need a limo to get around town though! Looking for ways to improve your own ride? Motor Era has got you covered.

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