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Battle of the Brands: Should I Buy Ford or Chevy?

In the arena of American motor vehicles, there’s no more contested battle than that of Ford vs. Chevy. It’s such a contested rivalry that it’s up there with politics, religion, and sports affiliation as “something you don’t bring up at family gatherings without starting a fight.”

Since the invention of the automobile itself, these two car giants have gone head to head. But who comes out on top?

Is Ford better than Chevy? Or can Chevrolet edge out Ford? Our guide will break things down by brand to help you decide who emerges victorious in this clash of automotive titans.

Why Ford Is Better Than Chevy

As with any brand war, those in favor of Fords will argue until they’re blue in the face about why their brand is superior.

Is Ford better than Chevy? Perhaps. Here’s where Ford shines as an automotive brand.

Tail-Hauling Trucks

Quick, tell me what model series has topped bestseller lists since 1982. If you answered the Ford F-series, you’d be correct.

If there’s one thing Ford gets renowned for more than anything else they produce, it’s their trucks. Their 2020 models dominated in both the compact and full-sized truck arenas. With flexible kits for on-road luxury, off-road adventuring, or towing whatever needs hauling, Ford has more options at a better price than their rival.

Symbolizing American Sportiness

Take a moment, close your eyes, and let me know what comes to mind when I say the words “American sports car.” Did your mind’s eye conjure a pony? Or a bird with its wings outstretched? (May the ever-classic T-Bird rest in peace.)

Since the golden age of sports cars, Ford’s put out winning vehicles. To this day, Mustangs remain a common purchase of young American men with money to burn. With style and serious horsepower, Mustangs stand tall in the American psyche.

Headlining History

Can you tell me when and where Chevrolet was founded? Or who founded it? The answer, most likely, is no.

Can you tell me who founded Ford? When and where the company began? Absolutely.

The birth of Ford as a brand was the birth of the American automotive industry as a whole. Without Henry Ford’s first vehicle in 1903 or his highly successful Model T 5 years later, we wouldn’t have this conversation about cars, to begin with!

Valued Vehicles

Ford vehicles hold their value well, lasting on the road long after their competition. But we don’t just mean their dollar value for customers. We mean the company’s values as a whole.

Ever since its founding, Ford has done its best to ensure worker well-being. Henry Ford himself offered double the standard manufacturer pay when producing the Model T to allow his workers to purchase the vehicles they made. Now, during the current pandemic, they’ve allowed over 30,000 employees to work remotely until 2021.

Ford appreciates our troops. Nowhere is that more clear than in their Military Appreciation Program. Through this, a Trusted Ford Dealer can offer those in the military or recently separated from it hefty discounts on Ford inventory.

Ford also ensures consumers’ well-being with consistent safety and eco-friendly innovations year after year. These innovations are, in no small part, egged on by their ongoing rivalry with Chevrolet.

Why Chevy Is Better Than Ford

Now that we’ve examined what Ford brings to the table let’s take a closer look at the places where Chevy rules the roost. Chevrolet loyalists, your validation and vindication await below.


Chevy fans, you’ve heard this joke a million times before, but it’s worth repeating here: What does FORD stand for?

Depending on who you ask, the answer is either “Fix Or Repair Daily” or “Found On Road Dead.” Whichever variant of the joke you hear, you get the point. Fords are many things, but ranking 21st out of 32 possible car brands, reliable isn’t one of them.

Current Sporty Luxury

Let’s return to the question above: What cars do you imagine when I ask you to picture “American sports cars”? When that question got examined earlier, we omitted two major players in the field.

That’s because Chevrolet owns both of them.

Sure, Mustangs are great, but they’re the only real sports car Ford has on offer. With both the Corvette and the Camaro still on the market today, Chevrolet has Ford beat in the sports car race.


Chevrolets tend to have more affordable prices than Ford in general. However, the real affordability factor comes in with Chevrolet’s discount programs. Unlike Ford, which mainly partners with the military, Chevrolet offers discounts to students, educators, and veterans.

Right now, they’ve even extended those discounts to first responders to help those who help us the most.

How This Rivalry Benefits You

Competition, especially in an industry like the automotive one, breeds innovation. Ford and Chevrolet’s consistent rivalry with one another led to numerous advances in driver safety, including consistent crash tests, airbags, crash test dummies, standard automatic transmission, and much more.

So, Is Ford Better Than Chevy Or Not?

Let’s return to the original question: is Ford better than Chevy, or is it not?

The real answer is that it depends. Both car brands offer a wealth of history, safety and comfort features, and good, old-fashioned American ingenuity. Both offer discounts to those who serve us and those who need help getting on the road while promising safety and affordability.

However, Ford vs. Chevy, in the end, as with all brand rivalries, comes down to a matter of personal preference. Drive what drives you.

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