Popular Car Paint Colors
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The Most Popular Car Paint Colors from Coast to Coast

When it comes to car paint colors, it’s no surprise that neutrals reign supreme. When you look across a sea of cars in a parking garage or on the freeway, neutrals will be the primary colors.

But why are these (and a few pops of color) the most popular car colors? There are a few different reasons people choose the colors they do, yourself included!

If you’re wondering what someone’s car paint color says about them or why people choose these colors, keep reading.


White is the most popular color car. Why?

For one, in many makes and models, it’s the cheapest option. The color takes the least amount of money to produce, so it’s usually the most affordable of the different colors.

However, this is only not true when they add a sheen or pearlescent coating to it.¬†Luxury white cars will often have a shinier or more metallic finish if they’re white.

White cars are also chosen because they tend to stay cooler longer. Black, navy, and other dark colors absorb lightwaves, while white, pink, and tan will usually reflect light. This makes lighter cars cooler and darker cars more likely to retain heat. This is especially important to take note of for people who live in hot climates.


The second most popular car color is black. Black is often thought to look more luxurious than white cars and is also a little more expensive to make and buy.

However, as we mentioned, it is prone to getting hotter quicker. Black and white are not only popular colors because they’re neutral though. Black and white cars are modern looking and minimalist. The color palette will never go out of style, and it’s hard to regret purchasing such monotone colors.

They also tend to be easier to sell used because they’re universally flattering.

Grey & Silver

Silver and grey are the third most popular car colors. Can’t decide between a white and a black? Choose grey, silver, or both!

These are popular colors for people who just can’t decide between one or the other. They like the casual, airy vibes of a white car and the black-tie formality of a black car. So why not have the best of both worlds?

Grey and silver are still neutral enough not to draw attention but sleek and sophisticated enough to be admirable.

Red & Blue

From the most monotone of neutrals to the most vibrant pop of color on the rainbow, red is the fourth most popular color.

Whether you want to turn heads, show off your confidence, or it’s just your favorite color, red is a staple pop of color on the roads. To keep your vibrant red looking sharp, check out the best paint protection to ensure your eye-catching shade never fades.

Another pop of color for the less outlandish is blue. From deep navy blue to bright cobalt and light baby blues, there are plenty of options. Our list’s final color is excellent for those looking for color without the commitment of an attraction grabber like red.

Popular Car Paint Colors

While car paint colors have changed slightly over the years, there is one thing we know for sure that will never go out of style: neutrals. Whether it’s because they’re easy to resell or look better on the road, monotone shades will forever be popular.

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