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3 Design Factors to Consider Before Applying a Vehicle Graphic

You can have the coolest car in the neighborhood. You’ll be the talk of the town, cruising around in a vehicle decked out in a graphic.

A vehicle graphic is a quick and easy improvement to any car’s appearance. You need to make some considerations before choosing a graphic though. Learn three design factors to consider before applying a graphic by reading on.

1. The Design

First and foremost, the design of the graphic matters. It’s the most important aspect of your car wrap.

It should be easy to read, concise, and attractive. Judge a vehicle graphics provider by its design portfolio and the quality of its previous designs. A design should not take more than five seconds for you to understand.

The design includes other elements such as the color, logo, and readability of the text. The logo is the primary piece of your brand’s image. It features your name and represents the kind of product you offer.

Brands have colors too. Two or three different colors can be used in the logo and on the vehicle. The automotive coloring can help your vehicle stand out from its surroundings.

2. Material, Print, and Finishing

Very much related to the design is the material used to make it. The material should be durable and beautiful.

What elements will your material come into contact with? If it’s going to be up against dirt or chemicals, you’ll need a material that can handle these conditions.

That’s related to your design’s appearance during the day and night. It should be visible both day and night. To that end, proper lighting techniques are necessary.

The material affects the print and finishing of the design. Using pressure-sensitive, high-grade vinyl makes a wrap durable and sturdy. It’ll last longer and give you a great return on your investment.

Any design you choose will have to be compatible with the best print, ink, protection, and film for the wrap.

3. Installation

No matter how amazing a design may turn out, it’s worthless if it can’t be installed. To successfully install a graphic, the installer will need exceptional attention to details. Workers should be experienced and skilled.

Good installers carefully inspect the vehicle’s surface and properly prepare it to identify potential problems. Make the graphic last with a warranty to ensure peak performance and peace of mind for the rest of the graphic’s life.

After you’ve evaluated providers according to the factors above, choose a place for your vehicle decals. Don’t look back.

The Ultimate Vehicle Graphic

A vehicle graphic can be a powerful tool for promoting your brand or business. Properly leveraged, it’s literally a moving, engaging, subtle advertisement. How’s that for ad space?

The problem is that getting a graphic right takes time and preparation. That work pays off though.

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