Person Stranded with Locked Keys in His Car
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Stranded: 5 Important Steps to Take After You Locked Keys in the Car

There are 270 million cars on American roads. While that’s a staggering number to really think about, a portion of those car owners are going to lock their keys in their vehicles and this can be a huge problem.

Whether you’re reading this article to get ready for when you one day forget your keys in your vehicle or you’re reading because you’re living through that reality now, you’re in the right place.

Below, we share 5 steps that you should take when you have locked keys in the car.

1. If It’s an Emergency, Call 911

If you have keys locked in your car, it’s hot and you have a small child strapped in their seat, call the police. The police will be able to quickly get your car door open.

For those in rural areas where it may take police a long time to arrive, breaking your glass to access your car’s interior could be necessary.

2. Think About Back-Up Key Solutions

Panic may be the first thing that sets in when you hear your car doors auto-lock and realize your keys are sitting on your dashboard. We recommend taking a deep breath and assessing the situation.

In many cases, newer cars have ways that doors can be opened via Bluetooth or internet connection. Do you have a phone application that lets you unlock your car? Do you know if your car is hooked up with services like OnStar that could open your doors?

Consider the possibilities before moving beyond this step.

3. Check for Access Points

A crack in your window or a truck that wasn’t closed properly could mean a way for you to access your keys. Search around your vehicle to see if you notice any potential access points before calling for assistance.

Note that if you feel an access point might lead to you getting your arm or hand caught in an uncomfortable position, it’s best to avoid DIY access and skip straight to the next step.

4. Give Roadside Assistance or a Locksmith a Call

At the end of the day, most people that have locked keys in the car are going to be calling a roadside assistance company like AAA or a locksmith like Chief Locksmith.

It may be that roadside assistance is free depending on the incentives that came with your vehicle or special insurance you’ve opted into.

If your roadside assistance isn’t covered, help can be costly so be sure to ask companies you call for a quote before they come over.

5. Reflect on Solutions While You Wait

It can take a while before whoever is coming to assist you gets on-scene. While you wait, think about what you can do in the future to avoid locking up your keys again.

Perhaps you’ll carry a spare in your bag or institute a routine you go through every time you step out of your car. Whatever it is, try and come up with a way that you can make your life easier in the future!

Locked Keys in the Car: There’s Always a Solution

While locked keys in the car can put a damper on anyone’s day, there’s always a solution to regain access to your vehicle.

We hope the steps we’ve shared have given you some insight on how best to manage your key situation and our team hopes you’ll check out more of our helpful blog content in the future!