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Classic Car Storage: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

Do you own a classic car? Or are you looking to make a hobby out of it? With lots of options for beginners, starting a collection can be scary and exciting at the same time. 

With the potential of the value going very high, you want to keep your vintage car safe. You want to keep it in excellent condition.

But how do you do it? How do you keep it safe from car theft and environmental risks?

Continue reading below as we discuss some of the best classic car storage tips you need to follow today.

Classic Car Storage Tips to Know

When we talk about antique car storage, it doesn’t only involve the actual place where you keep the vehicle. It also concerns certain steps and special items that help preserve the condition of your vehicle. 

Let’s take a look at seven valuable classic car storage tips that will go a long way:

1. Perform Pre-Storage Preps

Before you store your vintage vehicle in your special garage, prep it accordingly. This means cleaning your car thoroughly and giving it a nice round of waxing.

When cleaning your classic car, make sure to wash off any dust or debris. Leaving any of them behind may damage the exterior paint. 

Moreover, when dust and crumbs accumulate, they can attract pests. They may also lead to a foul odor. 

After washing and waxing your car, cover the exhaust using an aluminum foil or steel wool. This will help keep pests at bay. 

Also, lubricate the hinges of the hood. Do the same thing with the doors’ hinges. This will keep them from jamming up. 

2. Consider Steel Building

If you’re planning to take vintage car collection seriously, consider investing in a steel building for storage. A steel building yields numerous benefits for your car collection. 

First, it provides superb protection for your vehicle. You can design a steel building that provides ample protection regardless of the climate. A steel building can protect your car during the long cold nights of winter.

It can also keep your car safe during the scorching heat of summer. 

Secondly, a steel building comes with an adaptive design. This means you can install it on any property without having to disrupt the latter’s construction. Also, it doesn’t come with unnecessary columns.

Because of its strong but lightweight nature, a steel building provides the right amount of support for the structure. This means you will have more space to use since it doesn’t need any additional columns. 

Additionally, consider investing in steel building insulation. This will keep your garage away from moisture build-up. In turn, you keep your car away from harmful molds.

3. Fresh Gas Matters

Before taking your car inside the garage, make sure to fill it up with some fresh gas. But don’t go 100% full. All you need is to reach the 95% level.

When you leave old gas inside your car, it will eventually break down. Thereafter, it may cause build-up on your car’s injectors, fuel lines, and carburetors. 

Meanwhile, draining the existing fuel before storing your car for a long time can also be harmful to your prized vehicle. Draining the fuel will only expose the tank and fuel system to moisture and air. When this happens, rust and corrosion may form over the bare metal.

Furthermore, don’t forget to check the other fluids. Replace the engine oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid with fresh ones.

4. Disconnect or Remove the Battery

Another important tip before storing your car is to remove the battery. This is crucial since leaving the battery inside the car will drain the former’s charge. 

Also, you want to disconnect the cables. 

Furthermore, examine the condition of the battery. You want to check if there is corrosion on the terminal. 

As for the battery’s storage, keep it off the ground. Also, you want to store it in a controlled environment that is above freezing temperature.

5. Mind the Windows and Wipers

When it comes to the windows, it is best to keep them open. This will help improve the circulation of fresh air inside your car. Moreover, it will keep the foul smell from building up inside your car.

In case your car is a convertible, make sure to store it with the top-up. Doing so will keep the top material from shrinking. 

Keep in mind not to leave any food crumbs inside your car. 

6. Jack-up Securely

After parking the car inside the garage, make sure to jack it up. Use high-quality jack stands to elevate your car. This will keep the car’s weight off from the suspension and tires.

Jacking up the vehicle also keeps the tires from flat-spotting. This happens when you keep your car stationary for a very long period. As a result, your tire will develop a flat spot in the area where it is in contact with the floor. 

Never use cinder blocks as substitutes for jack stands. Though they may look durable, there is no guarantee that they can hold the car’s weight for an extended period. 

7. Use the Right Antifreeze 

Last but not least, top off the coolant or antifreeze. This keeps your car’s system from freezing during winter.

Tips to Increase Its Value

Storing your classic car the right way is important. But if you wish to further increase its value, follow these tips below:

1. Focus on the Small Details

Check the rubber around the doors, windows, and trunk. See if there are any signs of cracking or fading. If you see any, replace the old rubber with a new set. 

2. Replace Bad Tires

Going back to the tires, don’t hesitate to replace the bad ones with a new set. This is one of the easiest ways to increase the value of old cars. Not only does it improve its aesthetics, but it also increases its road safety.

3. Match All Parts

When it comes to the parts, make sure all the numbers match. The key parts like the rear axle, the engine, and the transmission must feature the original part numbers.

Expand Your Knowledge on Vintage Cars

By following the classic car storage tips above, you can keep your precious vehicles safe and in excellent condition. But proper storage is only one of the many things to learn when it comes to vintage cars.

We invite you to check our other articles on classic cars. We feature some of the best vehicles that you may want to add to your collection.