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5 Awesome New Car Accessories to Pimp out Your New Ride

Few things in life beat the shimmer that shines from a new car. Inhale that new car smell, friends! While you’re enjoying the pristine condition of your new set of wheels, treat yourself to a couple of new car accessories that will seal the deal. 

We’re talking espresso machines the size of a travel mug, a sleek vacuum cleaner to pick up after your messy friends, and a mini-fridge for those nights out under the stars.  

Handpresso Espresso Machine

Yup. You definitely need an espresso machine in your car. This has to be one of the best car gadgets we’ve ever seen. The actual machine is no larger than your average-size travel mug.

All you have to do is plug a cord into the cigarette lighter, wait two minutes for the espresso to brew, and pull over on a mountain bypass somewhere. Pour your espresso into a cup and enjoy the classiest roadside pit stop of your life.

TrailNest Rooftop Hammock

Forget the mountain bypass. Do you know where you need to take your cup of espresso? To your rooftop hammock.

TrailNest has this amazing piece of equipment that connects to the roof bars on your existing car. Once you pop open the metal frame (which is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, no less), it will unfold the perfect resting spot. 

Lolldeal Car Vacuum Cleaner

Staying with smart accessories that plug into the cigarette lighter, we have a tiny hand vacuum that’s meant to stow away in your car and suck away any crumbs or dirt left behind by your pal in the passenger seat. 

With its long wire and sleek nozzle, you can tuck this beaut right under the seat and slip it out whenever the mood strikes. 

Bolt Power Car Battery Jump Starter

Did you forget to turn your car off after you brewed that cup of espresso and hopped in your hammock? If you’re lost in the middle of nowhere and lounging under the stars, the last thing you want is to be stranded with no one to give your car a jump

This $80 device is enough to bring everything from motorcycles to heavy-duty trucks back to life. It provides the peace of mind that no espresso machine, hammock, or tidy little vacuum can provide. 

Cooluli Mini-fridge

This mini-fridge is so cool, it can plug into one of your USB ports. We’re talking a shoebox-size mini-fridge that can tuck into the passenger seat floor and store a couple of cans of ginger ale or sparkling water. 

When your friends step into your new ride, you’re going to have so many cool car accessories, they won’t know where to look first. Is it the espresso machine, the pop-up hammock, or the mini-fridge stocked with their favorite beverages? 

New Car Accessories That Wow

There’s no doubt these new car accessories have the wow-factor. From the practical jumper cables to the relaxing oasis in the form of a hammock, these toys will keep people talking. 

Here at Motorera, we treat our cars as additional members of the family. They need to be tricked out with the best accessories and cared for with the utmost precision. So, don’t forget the exterior of your new ride. Check out our other articles for more info!